04 September 2014

Charley Amazes Again

I really do not know what to make of Charley.  We have waited day by day for signs we should have him put to sleep.  Watching him starve for three weeks has been very difficult, as he only drank juices: a little milk, loved salmon juice, and the juices from certain kinds of canned cat food.  But he had eaten nothing solid for over three weeks.  It appeared the tumor was so large that his tongue would not take in any solid food, even baby food.

Then yesterday I tried baby food again.  He had not eaten any for more than three weeks because it caused massive bleeding from the tumor in his mouth.

But yesterday after I gave him Beachnut Chicken and water baby food, he began to wolf it down.  By the time we went to bed last night he had eaten almost 4 bottles of baby food! Four bottles for a total of 280 calories.  This is enough to begin to put on weight again.  There was minimal bleeding.

I have got to say that Charley's well-being has been at the center of my attention, healing work, and silent prayers for over two months now. Many, many, people are sending healing energies and prayers.



  2. Wow, I am amazed by his thirst for life! I'm also amazed by the love and attention you and Kerima give him; thats awsome and fills my heart with love for you both :)