06 March 2014

The Simplicity and Power of Self-Realization Vs. Other Awakenings

The vastness of emptiness, awakenings, and spiritual experiences is endless, but among them all, the most powerful and the simplest is Self-Realization: realizing who and what you are with unshakable self-confidence. You are more than just the body, you are also Consciousness itself which contains and is the entire manifest world. You are also bliss, joy and rest, as well as an energetic body that interacts with the world on unseen levels. You are also the Absolute, the Witness, aloof and separate from Consciousness as the ultimate observer.

But Self-Realization as used here is discovering the world of spirit, consciousness, and the epitome of Consciousness, the Self and Its connection with the divine. Ramana called this realization of the Self as realizing Atman, and Nisargadatta, as Turiya, or Satchitananda.


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