02 March 2014


I am moved out of love to email you and say Thank You. I have been through the spiritual jungle and stumbled upon you and your site and had an experience of clarity and understanding.

I just recently watched a video of yours, "The Alpha and Omega of Self Realization" and your presence and guided meditation sent my body into a beautiful recognition. Energy opened up in me that made me want to cry, laugh and holler like a mad man. It ended with just a pulsing of presence and love, so energetically delicious… what beauty i have been missing for some time and have not fully appreciated! 

I have been doing self inquiry and abiding as presence before coming upon you, having moments and periods of love, openness and insight but you facilitated something deeper, more serious and mature something that made my mind and heart say, "Stop fooling around like you have been with spirituality and GET TO IT ALREADY!". 

I cannot be more grateful. The weaving together of devotion and wisdom, devotional advaita, naturally slipped right into my heart. This seems to be much needed for many like myself, devotion and wisdom. The heart has been wanting to be invited to the table all along, no wonder i thought i was missing a guest! 

I will keep up with your website and make use of the resources and your clarity and guidance. I do plan to join in on satsangs online. Thank You Ed. 

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