10 March 2014

Another student writes about Satsang and retreats


Regarding the April retreat, do you already have any envisaged date now (sorry to ask again)?

I am about to commit to something else for Saturday the 26th April for which I can no longer postpone the answer... I really hope that day does not overlap with the retreat... -

I have also been wanting to share with you what in my view is one of the reasons why so many open up to you: it is your "A thought for all Time" which you recently posted on the blog.

Since a while, I have been thinking why in essence I find your book (and blog) so very brilliant - or should I rather say touching, heart-opening, alive, authentic, direct, clear, illuminating and creating deep acceptance in me.

It is not only that the book is so nicely written, and explains uniquely well what I have been wanting to understand since long, and much beyond.

But one of the core characteristics of your book is also that you in fact speak so disarmingly open about yourself and how consciousness manifests itself in/through you, including by describing what we humans consider unpleasant (e.g. depression) but of course also including what we all seek, bliss/love. As a reader, I then naturally open myself to you. Others must be feeling the same.

Yesterday, you wrote out a letter from someone criticizing you (that Robert would have never approved what you are saying/doing). Of course, I don't know Robert, and I cannot judge. But that criticism really makes no sense to me at all. It would have been a blessing if Robert had shared more of his inner experiences with others so that those reading his transcripts do not start creating false or "idealized" images of what realization (or the path to realization) is about. (I am not even going to ask the question whether that criticizer is himself as open about his own state of being as you have been.)

For me, your writings and satsangs are simply a blessing.

Thank you again and again for being there and for yesterday's satsang!! You and Deeya mean so very much to me!

Love, H.


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