17 March 2014

Email to me from Syndria who saw our recent live satsang in Santa Monica.

Anger was never spoken out loud in my family, it was demonstrated by silence and ostracization. Secret grudges. So, I'm all for expression.

I thought the Satsang was wonderful. You and Deeya always complement each other beautifully. And it's very true that people need and are searching for healing. Healing and Self Realization together at Satsang make good sense.

It is still difficult to access good psychotherapy without large co-pays, lots of people still resist even trying therapy. Sometimes they need physically based therapies.

To both experience energy therapy at work through you and Deeya, and to learn to feel and know these energies themselves is priceless. I think you're filling a void in the Spiritual scene. You're teaching Self Realization and ways to facilitate that actualization within our post modern society.

Usually, its one or the other. Energy work alone can be directionless. Self Realization alone, can leave students with out tools to deal with obstacles. Together they are wholistic, in a Real way.

That's my 2¢, for what it's worth.

I also, personally, like seeing teachers work cooperatively. What's the point in every teacher doing their own thing? There are too many ineffective ones already. Why not take a more inclusive approach.

Besides, the whole sangha benefits from seeing you and Deeya deal with problems that arise. More good teaching was accomplished through this whole 'you yelling at Kerima - Charlie yelling at you - sangha yelling at everything' caper.

By dealing with it publically, openly, honestly you and Deeya demonstrated how mature problem solving can happen. Which just made the sniping of some seem immature. There are real relationships being built, that alone is so supportive for the work of Self Realization.

Alright that was worth another 1¢.

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