05 March 2014

Interview of Deeya and I with Rick Archer

This is the Batgap interview with Rick Archer.


  1. Thank you for this video, Edji and Deeya. The bit on healing brought tears to my eyes and strong emotions for some unknown reason. Not sure what you two are doing to me, but I get overwhelmed with emotion and love to the point of tears quite a bit these days! Very tender and loving feelings coming up along with explosive anger that passes quickly when I let it. But I wouldn't change a thing at this point. I'll let you know how I feel about it when it increases 100 times and starts messing with my work and relationships! Hopefully I'll still welcome it 'cause I might not have a choice. Hope all is well with you both.

    Love, rich

  2. Edji and Deeya - you rocked. I have seen so many batgap interviews. This was truly radical. Awesome! Not to mention it helped me refresh basics of the teachings.

  3. Bless you and Bless you again for taking the time to show your Love for all of us. Rick very quickly synchronized with the both of you and the river started flowing ever so beautifully. Edji, we could see the emotion almost breaking into tears on several occasions--especially when you talked about Robert's death.....hey! a real Bhakti Guru. Deeya you are all Heart just emanating your pure love to anyone open to it, yes, tears just start flowing. Together you two compliment each other so thoroughly its like you are One. All of creation bows in your honor. I and others have been so blessed at this time in history just to have association with you both. My Heart is and always will be totally devoted to you. Love!

  4. Edji and Deeya your interview just radiated Love. Deeya, I had to go watch how animals are slaughtered on UTube and can't imagine even being close to such unimaginable pain and suffering. We eat very little meat in this house and now will never support the wholesale butchering of any sentient being. The slaughter house videos should be mandatory showing in all the schools then hamburgers at McDonalds would be a thing of the past.
    You two work so well together and it really enhances what you convey....thank you for taking the time to share your SELF with us.

  5. Ed and Deeya
    Great interview , Ed you shone and bubbled and were clearly enjoying yourself ..Deeya you were serene and deep as a beautiful clear lake.
    I was so glad when you became more active in Ed's life I thought to myself ..Self this is good, god knows that man need some of those hard edges smoothed ! but now I see clearly that Ed is your perfect partner because he is able to interpret the interpretable .. those places.realms you flow between so effortlessly that cannot be easily talked about but he deciphers and decodes and encourages you to articulate and thus share with us your experiences.! He creates such a marvellous conduit that allows us a peek a glimpse into those glorious worlds ...wow... and the Divine Love flows and engulfs us and wraps us up in its healing energy ...thank you both so much ..the . Dynamic Divine Duo !