20 March 2014

America Vs. European Socialism



  1. The Danes pay over $ 8/gallon for gasoline, have a max. tax rate of over 60% and that's for a single teacher like in the example. With social security and unemployment etc. that teacher gets $ 1o net out of a $ 100 raise. The utility costs are double or more in Denmark and there are more items like that. Their health care system has problems to be maintained and it might not be sustainable.

    That the other side of the story..............

  2. One of the biggest things I remember about Denmark, when I visited, is how the residents seemed unified and together...its like they work together for the common good, a proud people. Very much unlike the U.S. where there is such division among people.
    I can see why the Danes are rated the Happiest People in the World, the highest social mobility and a very high level of income equality....which shows me that they care about each other. The U.S. is rated way down on this scale at 23. If I had to pay extra taxes to help my fellow countrymen-then go for it. Happiness isn't dictated by the amount of taxes paid.
    The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) annually ranks countries "by their perceived levels of corruption "the misuse of public power for private benefit." Denmark is always the most honest!! The U.S. is way below Denmark on this scale.
    You Danes really have it made in the Vacation category too!, I worked 30 years for one of the largest companies in the U.S. and the max. vacation any of us could attain was 4 weeks....I can see why you are happy.
    Here your health care has nothing to do with your economic status and education is free.
    My hat is off to your strong Viking culture. The windmills ,the super clean cities, green energy, great food and cold Carlsberg made my trip very worthwhile.
    I would just wish the Danes would not support the U.S. in their international war-mongering.
    Lastly all of Europe has a very highly developed mass transportation system so you do not have to drive as often to your destinations.
    Anonymous...you need to visit Denmark and you will truly see the beauty of its country and its people.

  3. Steve, I have been there several times (mostly Thisted area) on vacation, I used to live in Europe for many years. Therefore I am familiar with the situation. I don't want to put down the advantages but it is always good to see it from all viewpoints.

  4. I have no idea who the hell you are Anonymous. Why don't you put your name to the public. I wish Edji would not allow this Anonymous stuff.

    1. Yes, the fact that during the Nazi occupation, the Danes rallied to support the Jews against deportation and certain death itself speaks volumes, surpassing from what I recall was the case with every other European country where some even collaborated with the Nazis.