09 November 2009

Yesterday's post was about becoming nothing. It is full of concepts such as phenomena, noumena, consciousness, existence and to the void. As such, it is a complete lie. Concepts can never grasp the real.

The point of posting was only a warning not to stop practicing too soon.

To go all the way, you have to become nothing, useless. You have to let God or your teacher take everything away from you, including your knowledge and understanding, and become nothing.

Most seekers will not do this. They want to be something, and unitary consciousness feels like a good place to stop.

Robert was the Good For Nothing Man. That is why he never had more than 50 people come to Satsang while other teachers had thousands. Only those who were willing to give up everything would accept becoming nothing as a goal.

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  1. Thank you for this. It is actually perfectly timely for me. I had become satisfied to recognize being and recognize the ever presence of existence itself.

    I also appreciate you saying the point of your post was to not stop too soon (rather than to give much attention to the various concepts of the previous post).

    By the way I have been spending time with the AHAM people recently. I have mentioned you to them a number of times.