11 November 2009


Dear Ed, I have corresponded with you throughout this apparent journey. Which ultimately was not a journey anyplace just a tossing aside of my whole imaginary existence. One question, I have always taken pointers about the eternal now to mean there is nothing that seperates this moment from any other moment, only mental limitations (ie clock time). Lately, however there has been a very strong feeling that more than that, the states of waking, dream, and sleep are not linear, but are actually all happening at once, then the mind comes in and seperates them.  My experience is that ultimately none of the states are real and the mind kinda lines them up in rotation to keep some semblance of life. Is this more mind stuff? 

Yes, your understanding is fairly accurate, although I never got the
feeling that my mind was doing the arranging.  I think what is doing
the arranging lies beyond the mind. None of it is real, but the
imaginary body has its imaginary processes which cause fluctuations in
Consciousness. Yes, all the states appear to be similtaneously present. You might be right that it is the mind that is arranging them, but it would not be your personal mind, but a universal mind which you appear to participate in.

The thoughts that come to you are not really your thoughts either, but
universal thoughts floating in the void that your specific
beingness--body-mind apparatus--seems to pick out and accept as its

It is all quite fascinating, isn’t it?  Nothing is as it seems before penetrating to the deepest level of consciousness and beyond. "Ordinary" people have no idea about all this. If they read this site we'd all be condemned to an asylum. 


  1. I wonder, if none of this is real (and I get entirely that not many people really 'see' this, and we'd be seen as crazy although it is we who are not - even though there is no we...sheesh!), is there any joy to be had?

    The person who thinks it is me is asking because the one consciousness seems very lonely/alone, if anything at all, and the joy I thought I was seeking in the experience of oneness does not seem to be there now that I've 'felt' that oneness.

    The cosmic 'joke' doesn't seem very funny...it seems sad.


  2. Joy and sadness would seem to be facets of the same thing - thoughts and emotion (feelings). The thought is not you. The feeling is not you. Neither of these are (ultimately) yours. So, the wise ones say. (No wise one here.)