02 November 2009

Hi Ed,

I recently fall caught in moments of purest Silence/Nothingness. It is impossible to tell something about it. After them I realize nothing exists; everything one can think or imagine is absolutely nonexistent. A feeling of immensurable peace and sense of freedom rises. Silence/Nothingness comes suddenly, unforeseeably; for example, in a moment of relaxation after a bustling day. I don’t know what to do about it. I would have this Silence/Nothingness forever, I feel it is liberation, but I seem the more I try to do--even a too zealous formal practice--the worse the result is. I don’t know how to approach to it.

Don't rush. Relax. Just sit in silence as often as you can in
awareness of silence or in awareness of your sense of presence. But
don't get anxious or try to speed it up.

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