17 November 2009


How beautifull You say such words of wisdom....

It is all an illusion. I got that and normally i dont even affirm myself but as you rightly said i kind off played around just to check out a bit.My consciousness took me there in dream state too. But yes it is just a play,nothing at all to be taken seriously...

I know thoughts are an illusion,nothing real...the dream state even though more beautifull and vibrant /colorfull than wakefull state ,i knew  in the dream it was unreal and i am slowly getting hints that consciousness itself too is unreal.

I can notice the change in the "love" of consciousness itself now....The stream of consciousness is there, it covers and prevades all but its changing its form....its not always "oneness" now...infact soemtimes its depressing too hehehe....It gets beautifull sometimes but sometimes its not so at all....I check whether its to do with a thought, NO it is not,mostly its just a passing emotion of sadness.grief (now there is no reason for it at all) ,it just is....

I simply observe it ,thats my "being" ,my I-AMNESS...so it is...nothing to do..just pure observation....so i learned that this joy and happiness,the oneness is temporary in the realm of consciousness which i had thought was the state to be always....the "ME" itself is temporary....And i am observing it too,i can feel the sadness,greif,depression in my heart arising even in the state of so called "consciousness" and i remembered your words "This is not Real",Not You...

Well it cant be me if i can observe it right :-)....During that period it is not that i am in an thoughtless zone but its not important ,the thoughts...they are there ,doing the job what they have too....my attention is more on the "beingness" even if it is sadness,depression or joy...whatever....This very moment is "beingness" or I-AMNESS...I touch that...but its not permanent bcoz its nature is duality so now i know....

You had warned me earlier on this and i thought Ah ,i am in bliss,i need nothing....i am This....i am bliss....I am oneness....But now look at me....hahhahaa.....And trying to create means identifying with it,i mean it will involve effort and ego,a struggle for more and more....

Why not just be in that "beingness" itself...Let the consciousness give whatever it wants to give me sir....I remind myself again and again....Be the witness....Isnt this right sir?

Sir you say out of love for me and those who really need you...You have a huge heart and are very kind....The only book i would like to read would be on me,which would have all empty pages...Nothing in them....I want to be capable to read that nothingness in me if possible...The thing to teach would be only to my own self....to serve in any capacity...and to remain worthy of taking the dust of your feet sir....
Many Pranoms,

You have come far Rajiv, and very rapidly, which means you have to spend some time consolidating all the states and understanding to make it permanent in yourself.

The bliss generally passes after a time as it is a function of Samadhi and various types of unitary consciousness. In fact, I found the bliss to be quite distracting and unnecessary.

Most make a big deal of Sahaja Samadhi, unity with the totality of consciousness, which really means the Void. But the source—YOU—are beyond the Void, and Sahaja does not apply to the source. It is a traditional precondition that isn’t really necessary.

In the end, after many of your remaining hindrances drop off, you will just rest, doing nothing special, in yourself, no longer making effort to  explore or grow spiritually. Your journey and struggle will be over.

At this point, you will either become like something dead with no response to the world which is the fate of some, or there will awaken in you the strongest conceivable sense that you are responsible for the world, for it does emminate from your mind.

You will make a decision to help all sentient beings in any way you can, from offering the shoes off your feet to some homeless person, to risking your life to save an animal. This to me is the real liberation—an immersion into a universal Mother Love.

I think I know which way you will go, and I hope you make that choice, though it will not seem to be up to you. It will happen to you.

I’d like to make one suggestion. This whole unfolding process requires close attention to detail. When you write, please take increased attention to detail as to how you express yourself. Use proper English sentence structure, spelling and punctuation and separate different thought sequences into paragraphs.

If you are going to be a teacher, you need to express yourself clearly for others to easily understand. It is also necessary to cultivate this attentiveness because it is easier in this way to become aware of hidden concepts remaining in your understanding.  You need to become precise in expression and deconstructing what others say to you.


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