06 November 2009

Once again, it appears Infinity is denying that I ever knew Robert outside of attending to his talks, one hour per week for a short while. These is a long email to this effect sent to Mark Mandell yesterday, which I may post.

To head off trouble, I constructed this page of evidence. The link below is to the first book ever published by or about Robert Adams. It is a photocopy made today of the actual physical book in my possession, so that anyone can see it is an actual book, can see the pages and the publication date.

The Introduction and Robert's biography were written by "Ed Muzika," and the talk itself is copyrighted 1991.  This is one of the first transcripts Kerima and I transcribed.

This should prove that the "body-mind" known as Ed Muzika was associated with Robert in 1991. If you look at the last page, it shows a poem written by Robert during November, 1994. Therefore, I was around at least in November of 1994. The booklet probably came out sometime during early 1995.

A scan of the first edition of Silence of the Heart, vol 2 dated copyrighted in 1992 with transcripts from 1991 is posted at the link below. The Introduction was written by Ed Muzika. There are also acknowledgements of people who either transcribed Robert's talks or helped put the book together. Ed Muzika is mentioned there. Therefore there is documented proof of Ed Muzika's existence at Satsang and putting together the original Silence of the Heart in 1992.

In addition, the book acknowledges people who were attending Satsang at that time. Notice that NICOLE ADAMS is not mentioned in any way as contributing to Satsang or the book. None of Robert's alleged "Thirty year students," such as Mr. Blake Warner, or Robert's daughter are mentioned either. Why do you suppose that is? It because they were never present at Satsang or putting the original Silence of the Heart together, at least from 1989 to 1995. Nicole started coming to Satsang in LA, only during the last few months before they moved to Sedona in 1995.

The link below is to a phone message left on my answering machine from Nicole, telling me how I had captured Robert perfectly, and I ought to write about him. I don't remember what year this was, but perhaps 1993-94. Nicole and I talked frequently by phone, although she may deny it now. This clip proves she called me at least once.

An article written by Edward Muzika about Robert appearing in the January/February Yoga Journal in 1998. Nicole called the editor and tried to get him to not publish it after the contract was signed. He decided to publish it after radically editing it, and leaving out the photo of Robert I sent him. He told me she threatened to sue Yoga Journal.

Photos of Robert with my wife in 1993, and of me with him in Satsang, maybe 1993-94.

Ed Muzika reading the Ashtavakra Gita to Satsang attendees, year unknown:

Robert asking Satsang to sing me Happy Birthday, March 10, 1991 or 1992.

I do not understand why Nicole and Infinity decides to do this every few years. Apparently Matthew Brown's movie script wasn't to her liking, and when Marc Mandell wrote to Nicole, he received a long email back saying I didn't exist basically, along with most everyone who ever attended Satsang with Robert.

I am writing this evidence together all in one place so that when the inevitable threats come, I can refer people to this post and its documentation. More evidence will be added to this post as I find it.

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