16 November 2009

 Last night i had a unique expereince.I want to know if my understanding on this is correct or no sir?

Actually yesterdays meditation  (which i have send in another mail to you sir)gave me a glimpse that i was oscilating or moving from waking to dream states and vice versa.

So i thought i will try and meditate while in sleep during night time and try and be aware what of actually takes place.So i kept my deepest attention at the void and kept thoughts out and relaxed.I affirmed that i keep my attention as far as possible on the void till i fall asleep.The next moment i realized that i was dreaming bcoz i was with few people chatting. But i knew very well i was actually dreaming this bcoz i could literally will myself back to waking stage,I then would go back to dreaming state again,this time something about my son being in the room but yelling...i KNEW this was a dream too and i could actually choose what kind off dream i wanted. Now in the very dream i was excited of this and thought i will write to you this tommorow itself but then i thought why not visit you too by thought in the dream state as i could do whatever i wanted in the dream state. But then something held me back.I decided i not venture too far.Maybe some fear or something.

Well How i can be so sure that it was not a dream that i was dreaming that i was aware of the state is bcoz i could move from dream to wake on will.Also that very night i had to run around with my son who got me pretty exhausted physically ,he is just 8 and i am 38 but these kids are blessed with more energy so i had exert and had a slight muscle contraction.Now in dream state i was aware of that contraction too...strange but true....i was connected with my physical body in someway...i felt it in my dream state and then i consciously became aware of my waking state and saw yes it was slightly paining...

Then i was convinced i could move in these 2 states...i tried the third time again just to make sure,this time i saw a geometric image at my third eye,it was blazing with bright and greenish glow and i got scared and started reciting "OM" "OM" and then i tried hard to open my eyes and go to waking state but this time i
 just COULDNT....i was paralysed and then i remembered you saying all this is unreal....i am only a witness...i just looked at it...it dissapeared on its own and i was awake in some time...i reflected on all that what happened....i had all kinds of thoughts pouring and had difficulty to sleep back....but then i managed to remember that all this is an illusion,play of consciousness....its nothing to do with me....and magically the thoughts subsided and i slept to wake up like a normal routine.I remebered everything in the morning.

Sir do u think it is possible to move between these stages during sleep? Has this to do anything with advaite understanding?



My experience is that all states of consciousness are illusionary, and merely happen to me, like clouds passing overhead. They have no substance. These states and experiences don’t touch YOU.

Yet, it is important to play with consciousness for a time to understand it has no real substance or existence to you. Just don’t take it too seriously. It is play. AND, it is easy to make false discoveries that are refuted a few days later by another false discovery. The only true discovery is all states are transcient, unreal.

It MAY be important for you to do Samadhi on the Void to become one with it for a time.  This is the traditional way.  It is a continuation of your love of and for consciousness which has brought you as far as you have come.

Remember, you do not exist as an entity, process or thing, and the world-consciousness—is doing its own thing.  Don’t worry anymore at all about thoughts. Just be aware of the Void and the coming and going of waking, dream and sleep.

This is important:

Every teacher has a slightly different “message,” based on his or her education, background and body-mind.  Two students can study under the same teacher and have two different messages, such as the difference between Ramana Maharsh and Nisargadatta’s messages, or Nisargadatta and his Dharma brother Ranjit.

You are nearly at a point where you begin to write your own book.

Personally, now I find little that interests me in the world or consciousness anymore.

I am left only caring about people who seek liberation, people who are in dire need, and animals, who are helpless to help themselves. I still participate in this illusory reality because I care for all the apparent beings and act as if they were real. What comes out of my mind or my voidness is of no interest to me. It is all illusion—temporary, changeable, without substance.

But, a kitten, who is living in a ditch, cold, wet and hungry; to me, that kitten and her need is my only reality. In the end, the book you write may be very different. I hope though that your book will be filled with kindness and a sense of justice and caring.

You and I appear to be connected on a very deep level as our experiences and messages and experiences seem so similar. You appear to have all the equipment to be a great teacher some day.  Do not rush.  Go slowly, gently. Be gentle with yourself and others.

And yes, you can move between the various states, but who is moving? You do not move, the states do.  If you are consciously acting, it is still the ego playing, not YOU.


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