13 November 2009


Sir after the initial I-thought or rather witnessing of thought is over ,a stream of conciousness is maintained for sometime till a few thoughts disturb it too.This the dark void or emptyness we call conciousness which i had earlier termed "me"  ,i see i was identyfying with this earlier taking that to be the subject and thoughts to be the object.But clearly now i can see that the "conciousness" itself is the object.

This is a very important insight is it not? Consciousness is not you. The Void is not you. For years I made a mistake of identifying with the void as me, even though, in a way, I knew better, because I was not one with it. Oneness with the totality of consciousness came and went thousands of times, but was not a steady state.

In Zen, no one was pointing beyond the void. In a sense, the true you who is beyond the Void; what can it be called, or how can it be described? The Void beyond the Void?, or "That which has no qualities, including existence, non-existence or Voidness?" 

There are various Samadhis wherein you become one with objects in consciousness, or even the Void. When you become one with the Void, you become everything-oneness. But Samadhis are temporary.

You cannot do Samadhi on the source. The source is already complete, whole and self-contained and entirely beyond the world of objects and consciousness including the Void.

During the course as i was witnessing the "conciousness" itself many times few floating totally irrelevant thoughts would appear and try disturb the state.Especially when i see only the "conciousness" it goes "Ah i see it" ,a thought .So now i witness the "consciousness" and also the apparent "thought" ,this is not an identification of thought,it just meaningless thought which appear and disaapear.So the "one" witnesses both the consciousness and the thought.My question sir is :

1) What do i do with the thoughts which sprang on their own? I can witness the start of them and then they do dissapear but they appear again disturbing the witnessing of the object "consciousness".Many times i can maintain witnessing both the "consciousness" and thought at the same time.Will these meaningless thoughts completely disappear or no?

Don’t worry about the thoughts. They no longer have any power over you. Just focus on the sense of “I AM,” if you can locate that; otherwise focus on the container of consciousness, the Void-nature interpenetrating all phenomena as the container and background, and then occasionally, try to turn around and catch the subject or witness of the void. This will remind you that you are not an object, a thing within this world.

By being extremely attentive to the field of conciousness ,the thoughts do fade away but they appear again after soemtimes especially when i "have it"
Will these meaningless thoughts completely disappear ever?

The thoughts no longer have power over you. Ignore them. They will always be there randomly as long as you have a brain and body. The brain is sort of like a radio receiver, picking specific thoughts out of the void depending on your past experience and genetics. You consciously have gone beyond thoughts and the power of thought.

The thing about witnessing is that it prevades normal waking stage too, meaning during office work and my walks especialy when i am not engrossed with work, i see the witness of the stream of conciousness and the thoughts which appear and disapear.The witnesser or subject can witness both at the same time,though the thought is powerless, is no more loud ,it is mild ,barely recognisable most of the time,but it still exists nonetheless.

2)I try locating where this subject is ,who is witnessing both but i cant find it anywhere,meaning the witnesser (at the background)cant be traced. The moment i can locate the witnesser ,it will cease to be the subject,it will become another object...sometimes i feel he is at the 3rd eye witnessing the awareness or consciousness and sometimes i feel he is at the heart..You said "watch the watcher" but i cant find him anywhere?

You can’t watch the watcher, so what conclusion can you draw? 

The observer does not exist in this world or any other!  You are beyond existence entirely.  You are not part of the manifest world You are not found within consciousness.  You are the subject, with no existence in this world. You are utterly beyond all properties. This world has nothing to do with you.

This was Robert's message: Don't participate in the world, it has nothing to do with you.

I read a few stanza 7 to 8 of the Gita ,i get it but i will move very very slowly with it...perhaps 1 to 2 stanzas a day....

This is perfect. You are now answering the greatest questions posed by all beings through time. Consciousness---God---is revealing everything to you. There is no need to rush.  When I first read Nisargadatta’s “Prior to Consciousness,” I could read at most a page a day, sometimes only a paragraph.  Each sentence was like a hammer blow to my mind.  Even the second and third time.

Where you are, not 1/1,000 has touched. Don’t worry about speed. You are doing well.

Hows Momji doing? Has the condition improved?

She is fine, almost 100% recovered now.

Many Pranams,


  1. Ah, thank you, Ed and Rajiv. Rajiv, I am seeing thoughts and emotions in a very similar way and so am very happy that you have asked these questions. When I watch, I see the thoughts come and go, and then "I am" still here. I am not so good at not getting caught up in them when I am working. Fortunately, my work causes all sorts of emotions to rise which give me great practice in letting them go to come back to watching. :) I was worried that I was concentrating on the wrong stuff. Thank you very much! Paul

  2. Paul as long as "I am" is still here, we will be doing just fine.Slowly and steadily thoughts will loosen its grip on the "I am" and what sounded like a chatterbox will sound like a faint voice,happenning at the backgroud.A higher state takes over,i.e Consciousness.This carries naturally everywhere even at work.You are aware of the movements happening within in terms of emotions and getting good practice :-) which is wonderfull.My only little bit of suggestion would be not to make too much effort into all this.Simply just "be" even if u cant catch evey bit of emotion or thought rightaway,i feel its perfectly fine...sometimes being aware that one wasnt aware is awareness too and gives better results .I am glad you are doing so well Paul.Many thanks for the words of encouragement.
    We are so lucky to have the guidance of Edji helping us at every step.We are truly blessed to have him with us.

  3. "Don't participate in the world, it has nothing to do with you"
    This is it..isnt? Do we need to know anything more Sir?

    I bow with deep Reverence Sir