17 November 2009


Edji,  Sorry for writting two mails today.I know much what we communicate should > be in silence and in our "beingness" but there are few questions in my > mind.One is to do with the "star" sir.... > While in dhyaan,witnessing the void ahead of me i sometimes see a dot of > light which on concentrating dissapears.Then some revolving cirlcle of light > which expands sometimes or few flashes of bright expanding light.None of > these are in any particular order.They appear and disappear. > Maybe it is the play of consciousness again but Kriya Yogis give a lot of > importance to penetrate the small dot of light.They wouldnt value what you > actually go thru during the day ,bliss and love of consciousness ,d > oneness,or witnessing process in fact most i knew dint even know what i was > going thru...Few would say increase pranayama and few would decrease it and > none knew exactly what was happenning to me..Only you explained and finally > i understood that the play of consciousness was happenning to me. > I did learn from kriya though ,i was practicing it for 2 to 3 hours daily > at a strech doing heavy kumbhaks sometimes which i feel resulted in few > health problems too...The "results" i am getting by following Advaite are > the same as Kriya ,infact much better without the dangers of too much breath > control..and many unanswered qustions were resolved too which they had no > idea about...My Guru Dubeyji who initiated me in my lineage 5 yrs ago had > but he left us very early,we could interact very little and then no one > really knew anything apart from the "star"... > But sir what is this "penetration" of 3rd eye ? Is it vital for > self-realisation sir? > many pranams, > Rajiv

Hi Rajiv,

I will explain this precisely because it is an important question and the answer is relevant to many people who ask me questions.

In Zen, masters talk about the need to balance Joriki with Koriki.

I forget which is which, but basically the concept is that concentration, or samadhi power must move in step with wisdom, otherwise the attainment is incomplete.

You have generated tremendous dhyan power after five years of meditation practice, so the wisdom of understanding the true nature of consciousness comes easily to you now. Now there is a better balance as your understanding has caught up to your huge bank account of spiritual energy.

Most people who run into Advaita teachings don’t practice meditation, and the true meaning of Advaita escapes them because their power of attention has not energized their awareness.

I don’t think most of the current teachers recommend intense practice, therefore those who follow them may have strong understanding, but no real attainment. They don’t have the transformative energy of samadhi power.

However, one can play around with meditation and concentration forever, trapped in various spectacular displays in their imaginal spaces. Many Buddhist traditions spend entirely too much time exploring various sorts of Voids.

The same is true of the Third Eye.  My “eye” was opened within months of starting practice because it seemed natural for me to do so. It seemed as if that particular task was set before me as a natural unfolding. The Third Eye just gradually opened during intense meditation and gradually expanded to reveal the Void nature of consciousness. But you already know that, so there is no need to penetrate anything. But you may want to do so simply to see for yourself to complete your schooling.

There are deeper mysteries you need to unfold yet, and I will help you through them when the time is come. But the Third Eye is a beginner’s discovery. You are way beyond that.

You need to slow don a little and consolidate your gains or you will lose them.

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