25 June 2006

From Peter who saw Robert at one of his last Satsangs:


You have a great site! Thanks.

I had the opportunity to see Robert once only, at a satsang shortly before his death. At that time he could hardly speak, but did manage to recite 'Freedom' over and over into a microphone.His words just kept pealing like a clear bell for the following few years, over and over. Very lovely. Freedom, freedom, freedom.

He was quite weak. Very difficult for him to speak. From having watched my father-in-law die of Parkinson's, it was clear that the end was near. I loved the way it both touched him and did not. Was very glad to have had the opportunity to be there for an hour. Robert stared hard at me for some minutes, so I closed my eyes. Everyone stood up at the end as he left. But as I was um, absent (how else to say it?) after hearing 'freedom' repeatedly.

I failed to notice until some somewhat angry looking person nudged me rather forcibly several times to get up and stand out of 'respect'. Ha! Perhaps being (much to my surprise) absent, was insufficiently respectful.

Got some ugly looks too from someone whom I found out later was Robert's wife. Ho ho - what a giggle!

Where do you live?You are in LA? Peter

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