20 June 2006


I am still not getting all communications directed to me. The "Contact me" button" on my main website: http://www.itisnotreal.com, appears sometimes to work and sometimes not.

The best way to contact me is at ed_online@sbcglobal.net.

Keep a close eye on the main website as I am adding new talks by Robert and other updated information on a weekly basis.

If I have not responded to your email within a day or two, resend to the ed_online@sbcglobal.net address.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ed

    Your explanation of the reality looks very logical and I seem to find all the answers I was looking for since childhood. However, I still seem to not get rid of this perception that this world is real. Hunger is real - you cannot brush it aside as unreal. You are also involved in protecting street cats in LA. Why there is a need to do this if this is all maya?