16 June 2006

From Susan:

Ok. I practice Transcendental Meditation. I sit quiet for 30 seconds then I say a mantra. The next thing I know it's two hours later. I just snap back into body consciousness. The TM teacher told me that it was a black hole in my consciousness that consciousness was trying to heal. That doesn't feel right. Whenever I come to I have this great urge to go back to that place. I actually look forward to it.

Black hole, schmack hole. He is full of crap. This is a much lower teaching on the level of body-mind. Dump the Mantra too. It can lead to a temporary Samadhi state, but not the lasting one where the mind becomes absorbed in the self.

Thanks. Ed, you have helped me so much in the past few days I would like to send you a donation. You cannot imagine how much stress you have relieved me just by talking with me and reading your web site. Please send me your address. I won't take "No" for an answer!

Please let me know if ever you hold Satsang. I will fly out. I live in NC right now. But, I don't care where you are. You are the only one who has been able to make me understand many things that have been ailing me the past ten years. I feel this is a blessing from Robert. I have been with a few saints and had a horrific experience with Sai Baba. I have always had an affinity for Robert's teachings. I'm not much into prayer or trying to will myself out of karma. I am quite uninvolved in things (that's a nice way of saying lazy!) and like things simple. Once I was told by Sri Karunamayi that this is my last lifetime. I couldn't stomach the thought of having a body again. So... I hope she is right. I don't have much faith in people unless I can experience their teachings for myself. Robert has always pulled through for me. Once I went to California to be in Satsang with Nicole and his daughters after Robert died. It was the funniest thing, but I saw the tongue on his picture stick straight out at one of his devotees. I thought the poor thing was going to pass out. It is sometimes good enough for me to know there is a Being who loves and cares. If there is anything that you need or I can do for you, please let me know. I'll try my best to get it.


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