25 June 2006

From Michael:


I'm reading "Silence of the Heart" for the second time now, and it's strange how entirely new meanings/insights come up the second time around . . .

Anyway, I focused today on the "I Am" meditation that Robert recommended as "very powerful." He said: "I can guarantee you this. If you can practice I Am for one day, just one day, all of your troubles will be transcended." Wow! Quite an endorsement! So I'm giving it a shot.

What are your thoughts about this practice? I note that a student questioned the practice as one of "using" the mind instead of "getting rid of" the mind, but Robert responded that only a few students were mature enough for self inquiry.

A related question: at one point you state that everything is preordained, except we have the freedom to look within. But it seems odd that there's this little corner carved out of existence where free will still reigns, while everything else is preordained. And who is the one who will exercise this free will, anyway?

Very glad to have discovered your site!


Hi Michael,

Regarding the I-Am meditation, just try it for a day--100% trying. Set aside a day and see what happens. No need to ask me. He is not asking for a three year commitment.

Regarding free will. There is no free will. But the apparent person has apparent suffering and can make what appears to be effort.

So as long as you see yourself as a person, do the practice.



Cool -- just the answer I needed. Been doing the meditation today -- admittedly with less than 100% effort -- but something clearly is shifting. A while ago I went on a laughing/crying jag triggered by something I read in "Silence," but could be the meditation sort of set me up for it.

Anyway, I plan to keep plugging away at it. (And since the "person" sense is still with me, I think I can actually make plans.)

Thank you!


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