20 June 2006

From Marcella,

Hi, Ed:

I just found your website last night and I'm really enjoying reading it.
Thank you for sharing your experiences and the insights you have gained over
your years of searching.

I met Muktananda in 1980 and remained in Siddha Yoga for 17 years. I did
experience a great deal of good stuff around Baba, but in latter years I
went to centers solely for the chanting. The CoEvolution Quarterly article
about Baba had a lot to do with my distancing myself, and I just despised
the politics of "the Foundation."

The chanting, though, was blissful, and I miss it a lot. I was a drummer,
and believe me when I tell you there is nothing quite like drumming for
rockin' out during the chant. :-)

It's interesting -- having Baba for my guru is a lot like having a beloved
father who you later find out is a rapist. I still love the guy to pieces
and feel that we were "meant for each other" in this life. But jeez-o-man, I
wish he could've been better behaved! I have a mundane hate for the way he
treated his devotees (esp. the females) and for his idiotic power games.
Thankfully I have always felt close to Bhagawan Nityananda, and that has
helped a great deal.

I have been trying to regain my spiritual "feet" for the last nine years,
and I think things are moving along for me. I was thrilled to see your
recommendation for a translation of the Ashtavakra Gita -- Ashtavakra

So my silly question (after such a long intro, please forgive) is: Do you
have a similar recommendation for a translation of the Bhagavad Gita?
Byrom's work is so lovely, I'd be very happy to find something similar.

As an aside, I entered the SY Ashram in Ann Arbor just after Shanks left,
have heard many, many stories about him, and have met him once. He called me
a "bliss bunny", which could be because I was giggling madly when we
met...Anyway, just another little link that makes me want to find out more
from your website. I look forward to (sort of) making your acquaintance!

Thanks for your time,

Hi Marcella,

What area do you live in? I want a chanting Satsang too. Robert loved chanting.

I love Baba style. Thought he was a spiritual lightweight though. Shanks and I go back to his 1978 Center on Mariposa Ave. in LA. We were quite close for many years, especially after the breakup of Chid and Nit. There was war going on here in LA between the two. Harassment, stink bombs, being followed, threatening phone calls, etc. Greta stuff, I loved the drama.

I don't know which translation is as good as Byrom's of the Ashtavakra Gita.

I haven't read much traditional advaita in years either, just Nisargadatta and Ramana. But as Robert said about Nisargadatta, the latter added his own touch. Which is somewhat different.

That was why I went to Satsang too--the chanting. Baba was a fool.

Write often. Come here, have Satsang with us.

Tell me more about yourself, what you do and where you are.

I look forward to meeting you too.


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