19 June 2006

From Anonymous:

Hi Ed,

I just read through all the questions and answers on "Stump The Guru." Besides enjoying it very much, I noticed that the last date on the list of questions was May 26/06. Today is June 10/06. I was going to ask you some questions but I was thinking that perhaps you were too busy. I mean, this site came known to me, here on Vancouver Island, and you've got your own life, etc, how could you possibly answer my questions? So, let's make this simple: are you still available to answer questions?

Hope you are well,


I have been pretty busy dealing with animal stuff; however, I am now getting back to my real business of teaching about Robert and reality.

From now on, Stump the Guru with be posted on

So shoot.

By the way, there is a new post on an entire Robert audio talk on my site entitled "Cosmic Joke."


Hi Ed,

After much seeking, in one form or another, over the years it seems like I haven't gotten anywhere. I can see that maybe I've made progress in some arenas and in other arenas it's debatable. In the spiritual arena, how does one take the measurement? Am I supposed to suffer less as I approach the truth, the real Self, Nirvana, or whatever? Is there even a sense of progress? Is it like mastering a musical instrument, where it is quite clear that one's abilities gain in clarity, strength, technique, interpretation, etc? And it's easy to measure - a piece that I could play not before, I can now play well.

What about this spiritual path? Should I be able to say, for example: hey, look, before I couldn't resist giving in to my anger now I don't give in. If that is the case, I'd be hard pressed to say that I've made progress. And if I can't see progress, where do I get the will to continue? I wish that I could be like you or like Nisargadatta in having faith. He had faith in his teacher as you did in yours. That seemed to make all the difference in the world. I don't seem to be able to rest anywhere, doubt seems to arise all the time. I haven't been able to find that faith that can persist through adversity. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for this website.



Hi Anon

You are not there yet, but are getting closer to where you can Begin to surrender.

When you know without question that you cannot attain, you'll be ready.For that which is seeking, is exactly the one unable to attain, because That (Your True Nature) is far beyond the mind. The mind cannot grasp it. The mind is a wisp that flows from it. IT cannot be attained through efforts of the mind.

Only when the mind rests, such as in surrender or perfect meditation, will "you" get it. Then you will realize there is no you, never was, and the apparent seeking of you, perpetuated you.

Wait. It is all unfolding the way it should.


Thanks Ed.

What you write feels right to me and if you were here you would have heard a sigh of relief.

That line in the Heart Sutra, "there is nothing to attain," has always jumped out at me when chanting because it seemed incongruous. Here I was sitting and chanting - to be honest - in order to attain something, something I thought I didn't have.

Is there a pathway to surrender that you could recommend I practice?

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me.


Well, we are talking on two different levels. Robert used to ask us and go out and give things to people, especially homeless people or help animals. The latter is my particular practice. It builds momentum. In other words, practice compassion and kindness. He said, in the end that was all that mattered. Nisargadatta says mostly the same thing in the little booklet I have up.

The more important sense of surrender is doing exactly what you will be doing soon: Take a very close stock of yourself. Settle down. Ask yourself, “What the hell am I doing?”

"Obviously, it hasn't worked. I have done everything I can and I am even more confused and less at peace." At some point, you give up. It happened before I met Robert, but much more profoundly after I met Robert.

But really, slow the mind down and take a very objective stock of yourself and what and why you are doing. Question it. What do you want? Has anything worked? "What the hell am I doing here?"

You'll see. Maybe a teacher will come, maybe not. It really does not make that much difference because you don't exist. Whether you know you don't exist or not, is sort of a moot point.

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