01 July 2006

From an old friend:


So nice to hear from you!

There is a story I would like to share with you about when Dimitri left the body. It happened like this: I believe this event took place in the month of October.

On one of the days that I give Robert a massage, instead of doing it in the morning, he had asked that I do it in the evening. I think this was because Nicole had the carpets cleaned. So I came over in the evening and Robert was given a massage.

Right after I finished, I heard Nicole yelling out that Dimitri did a pooh on the freshly cleaned carpet. She was quite upset about it. I came out of the bedroom, picked up Dimitri and told Nicole not to worry, that Iwould clean up the mess. I took Dimitri outside and placed him on the ground. I went back inside, cleaned up the pooh, and then went outside to bring in Dimitri. When i picked him up, he felt heavier for some reason. I left him inside the spare bedroom and went to pack up my table. Robert was sitting in the living room, waiting for his dinner. Then I heard Nicole scream out, Dimitri left the body! Dimitri left the body!

I rushed out to see what she was screaming about and lo and behold, Dimitri wasn't breathing at all. I tried picking him up but he was completely dead-weight. I felt for a pulse but there wasn't any. I put a mirror under his nose and there was no sign of breath. Immediately, Robert came over and looked at his dog lying on the floor. Robert picked up one of his paws but it flopped back down. Nicole was a bit hysterical, and I felt extremely bad, because i was the last one to handle Dimitri. But, given Dimitri's already weak physical condition, I wasn't surprised that he had died. According to the vets, Dimitri should have passed on months ago.

We left Robert alone inside the bedroom with his dog and that's when I noticed that Robert did something to the dog's head and I didn't think anything of it, so I went back inside to collect my table and bag and to wait around to see what he wanted to do about Dimitri. Seconds later, Nicole came rushing in taking me by the hand and lead me back to where Robert and Dimitri were. What I saw bowled me over.

Dimitri was sitting on his haunches, gazing up into Robert's eyes, like he was completely alert and energized. Then suddenly, he fell to the floor and blood seeped from his nose. For almost 30 seconds, Robert had been giving Dimitri a transmission, even after Dimitri had already physically died.

I asked Robert what had happened, and he told me that Dimitri's spirit needed a little help on its way. And that he would never have to be reborn -- his karma was complete -- he was liberated. Tears streamed down the sides of my face, as i truly witnessed something miraculous.

The following morning, I took Dimitri's body to the crematory. Robert showed no emotion, as I knew he wouldn't. As much as he loved that dog, he knew that no thing is ever born, and no thing ever dies. That following Sunday, we had satsang and Dimitri was prominently talked about. Robert and Dimitri were like one in the same. I remember when Robert face moved to Sedona, I used to see him walking Dimitri along the West Highway 89A.

Ed, just keep on doing what your are doing, and tell people the truth about Robert -- he was the Mysterious Sage as you had so eloquently described.

The strangest thing occurred on the night before I learnt of your website. Sunday night, I had a dream about Robert. He was dancing with Nicole, and she looked beautiful, peaceful and happy. I walked up to Robert, all excited and happy to see him, and then he began dancing with me, he looked beautiful, like a holy man, his eyes were bright blue, and clear. We danced and I told him how happy I was to see him again. And then, someone came up to him, telling him that it was time for him to go. Robert said to me, "before I go, I want to write something for you". He found a sheet of paper and a pencil and in his Robert Adams handwriting style, wrote: "Only you can know your true self, no one else can do it for you...nothing else matters but this! He handed me the paper, and then he said all is well, he took Nicole by the hand and left with the man who was waiting for him. I woke up and it was 6 in the morning. I stayed awake feeling so exhilarated. We had some visitors who were devotees of Papaji's who were staying with us, so getting up before everyone else did and sitting in quietude was heavenly.

Then yesterday morning my husband, G., sent me your web address, telling me that he had found it looking at different spiritual sites. He said he saw the name Robert Adams and immediately opened your site. We both sat and listened to the audio streaming of his satsang. Well, I can go on and on about Robert, because I believe he has ever left.

It is so lovely to connect with you again, Ed, after so many years have passed. I really like your website and will spread the word to others...


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