08 June 2014

Please give feedback on Satsang

Could you hear me?

If you could, how was your experience of Satsang?


  1. ..."What are you going to be after enlightenment"?...

    I don't know...Nothing....Disappearance of the body/ mind,yet effortless dispassionate "functioning"...
    .Beingness with everything that appears to occur .. yet be totally uninvolved with ALL that appears to occur... no judging or categorising anything into good or bad , desirable or undesirable.
    Yet "knowing" the next right thing to "do" and watching it happen...with deep compassion yet unaffected... I would like to be imbued, axiomatically with the principle of "first do no harm" by neither adding nor subtracting anything to or from any situation...knowing fully there is no "me" nor is anything actually happening ...Yet all is "me" all is Self ... and Everything Belongs ...
    thanks Edji I enjoyed satsang and felt the energy from you and the others deeply... I didn't like the homework because it made me more confused and activated my mind ..when I would rather have been in the heart ...lol

  2. ,,,ps ,, to above comment ...a couple of things...
    I actually didn't hear all the questions, only the one concerning what we would be after enlightenment ...also I think we were meant to consider it fairly seriously...hence the "ignorant " text bookie answer above !!
    However on reflection I have taken the liberty of allowing my imagination to soar a little ...
    What I would REALLY like to be is someone who on making contact with any person or animal ... and by no real effort shower them with pure unadulterated Love...
    that makes them feel a deep peace and serenity with a delicious inner glow that they may bask in for a time ...
    I would love to plant a little seed of .."nothing " into their weary or stony hearts that in time may sprout and give them the courage to start seeking their True Self...with an "earnestness" they never knew they had ..!
    thank you Ed .
    bye the way this is Maggie ...big love your way Edji...x

  3. Hi Edji. At first no-one could hear you and they were typing they couldn't hear you, so I told you out loud over the microphone. I know you had to try different headsets. While you were off screen a few late arrivals asked what was going on and I informed them. In order to make sure you were okay after few minutes had passed I phoned you and you asked me to stop calling because we had started. I still couldn't hear you and so turned off my own camera, which made me finally able to hear you. To further improve the audio reception I then had to turn select "Interact" and "Hide Video" for every single participant except yourself. I could then hear much better.
    The end effect was a bit isolating, although your words were very valuable... as there were no questions from participants and I couldn't see any other members for most of the time, I was left with the "feeling the energies across the thousands of miles," virtual holding hands exercise. It was calming, but although other satsang members were mentioned as able to feel the energies circulating, I wasn't particularly. I could conclude that I "got it wrong," that I'm less advanced than other students, which may indeed be true... but doesn't feel too good.
    Of your lecture, the account that while you knew him, Robert gave 1.5 hour lectures twice a week and saw students for lunch 5 days a week, was very instructive. I had experienced just the day before, after running the graduation at the high school where I work and feeling more than a little exhausted and bitter about lack of gratitude from my own employer, the bliss of finally going to a beautiful quiet natural area and meditating. So I could see what you meant about finding the truth within... it can't happen at the same time as engagement in the external world. When I sat there beneath the tree in the sunshine, dropping down into the "I am," I found simple joy and happiness, self-acceptance and bliss. My cares rolled away and I felt like a child again.