06 June 2014

From Steve Eckert: Important!

I have tried the addictive drugs and also experienced the tremendous highs of the Bliss state. They are totally different states with totally different foundations.

The induced drug states are just that, with usually immediate effect and directly concentrated within the nerve system. Usually short term effects that seem to create a demand within the body for more

The Bliss state, has developed for me over time by using Edji's method of focusing on the 'I AM'. A Love state with the 'I AM' also developed over time. This state is much much deeper and does not have a withdrawal episode nor a demand by the body for more. It is very hard to describe why I continue to repeat this meditation day after day for hours on end...Its kind of like being in a cave and very very slowly opening the door to at first a ray of sunlight and because of not ever seeing sunlight wanting to experience more as the sunlight is also an experience of many other dimensions while heroin is boring because the rush is strictly confined to the nervous system.

Like they say in AA - you take a drink and sooner or later the drink takes you. You need more heroin and more heroin to sustain that original high. In Vietnam mamma-sans would leave 95% pure heroin on your bed...a free gift from your local Viet Cong.

What a excellent way to destroy an Army and it worked.
They never left a book on meditation on my bed.

In the Bliss state attained through meditation the feeling of peace and well being is always available and deepens and deepens with no dreaded effects upon the body. Actually the importance of the body diminishes, for me it is useful only for meditation.

When it boils down the Bliss state is only a small part of the whole. The acceptance of the states of depression, anger, hate, sadness, fear (this is damn difficult) actually balances out in higher and higher states of Bliss. This way you keep your expanding Humanity.

I know the Bliss state is not the desired goal as taught by Edji. Far more important is Self-Realization.


  1. I don't know, it is arguable. For example, stop meditating for a year and see what happens. Everything diminishes, whatever states you have experienced will diminish too. And suddenly you are again in the 'world-state' as if nothing has happened...
    I don't know about whole meditation thing, maybe it is same as drugs...
    Of course the insight and knowledge is never forgotten, i believe thats why you can access through knowledge again various states with some practice or 'attunment'.

  2. I would snuff out my life rather than stop meditating for a year. Yet it is not a body craving that keeps me going.
    You say 'Everything diminishes' ......by a long shot. My experience is exactly the opposite, a surprise to me also! Most of my encounters with people, animals, ants, spiders, some rocks, the sky, the wind....just everything is much more profound. It is like I can feel that vibrancy, I can feel the GOD within them and it is the same God within me. I AM looking at myself and interacting with MY SELF. Listening to music now is beyond anything I could ever comprehend, it plays in my Heart Center and every atom is just Electric as the tunes just burn through me. I have not been using Edji's method very long--maybe 2 years--he said stick with it and I did and do everyday. You do the same Arvydas. That is just your damn mind feeding you negative info. And you have to laugh as that mind of yours knows it is in very very deep trouble if you keep listening to that darn Guru named Sri Edji. Keep practicing and as Michael always tells me,
    "Don't fall back to sleep".