23 June 2014

New Focus on Self-Exploration During Satsang

Our New Focus on Self-Exploration During Satsang

For the last month, rather than too much talk about methods of self-realization, like the myriad of ways one can practice self-inquiry, or talk about the nature of the "real" or abstractly, about Self or Beingness, I have been emphasizing direct experiencing of YOUR inner world through guided meditation and facilitating the sharing of blissful energies throughout the Sangha during Satsang.

Therefore more and more people have been experiencing the involutional energies that try to coax your awareness deeper than the mind into the ocean of just beingness below it, down to the Causal Body level of Conscious Sleeping, going into the state of Forgetfulness consciously, which is the door to the Witness, the Absolute, Parabrahman.

This is where my teacher Robert, Robert Adams directly us when he was alive: a place of complete rest and peace.


Although now I direct people to to a different area of Robert's teachings about using Love discover a different aspect of the Infinite within themselves, namely the Self, Turiya, the Love/Bliss Body through love because I feel this is the way of our time for the West, not Advaita, this way can be quite arduous and sometimes scary and painful.  Therefore, it does help to have an escape, an escape into taking the position of the Witness.

Recently I have been taking Satsangees downwards towards the Causal Body and hopefully deeper into the Witness so that they know first-hand the kind of awakening that Robert and Nisargadatta talk about.  After knowing this Parabrahman state well, one can "come back" into Consciousness by loving others and finding the Self that dwells in your heart and body, and loving It. Then when your love is strong enough, that Self of Consciousness, Shakti, will reveal Herself to you in all her glory as your own divine source.

Below is an email from Steve who felt the energy of Satsang deeply.

"Dearest Edji,  I am glad you post your Satsangs, as today I sat down all set to join in and you had us listen to Krishna Das....I couldn't believe it. I looked and it was 4:05. I sat down for a few minutes and next thing, I didn't know, but an hour passed.

"It was a strange time because I could feel the energy of the Satsang Group just coursing through the body and I was seeing a lot of lights and colors rolling in. It was really great and I thought 'I don't even have to be there and the energy is very strong'.  Not realizing that Satsang was in full swing.

"I am glad your going to post it because I caught a little of your talk about the har"a and lowering our focus to the belly area.   Usually during my meditations my whole torso is churning and burning from top to bottom---is that how it is supposed to go?

"Jeez, I hate to miss out on any little tidbit you convey to us."

Love you,  S.


I invite you all to attend our Sunday live Satsangs at 1 PM California time by going to http://satsangwithedji.weebly.com, and use the password   "edji"  each time it is asked. Like Robert's Satsangs, they are entirely free. Recent recorded Satsangs can be found on youtube.com at: https://www.youtube.com/user/edwardmuzika.

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