25 June 2014

All Jnanis Appear to Agree: the Goal, whichever you select, is found through self-inquiry or love and surrender

If you aim to find/experience the Absolute, the supposed source of the subject-witness, you miss the Self-Realization of the totality of your various bodies and talents with God. You get only peace.

With the other, Self-Realization within existence, you feel real, total, solid, yet vulnerable.

And, how do you find the source?

The source is not the space between thoughts, the gap or beingness, or space, or emptiness, for that space is infinite and it is also a phenomenon. You experience the space, the emptiness. You "see" it with your inner eye, and feel it as your extended sense of presence.

So the question becomes, how do I find the Absolute outside of anything that can be seen or felt?  That is, where do you look or seek?

If you think just keeping silent will take you to the source, you are likely mistaken.  Since the inner space, the "gap," emptiness is infinite, you are much more likely just to become lost in this space, feel a modicum of peace, but miss finding the source which cannot be found.

You have to become it, become the source, which is entirely different from seeking it or by being silent and doing nothing.

All Jnanis appear to agree there are two ways: self inquiry by finding and abiding in the I Am, by locating the I Am sensation, abiding there, accepting it and loving it, or through Bhakta, love and surrender.  But surrender to who or what?  It does not matter as long as your love grows, flowers and flows.

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