25 June 2014


I have no idea why it is, but this blog's readership is declining dramatically during the past few months, and the entire past year shows a huge decline over the same period two and three years ago.

The same holds true for Facebook.  There appear to be far fewer readers.

Lastly, there has been a huge decrease in donations, so much so I had to decrease my support of other cat colony managers and my spay/neuter/return program.

I find this strange as my last six months of posts seem to me to be deeper, more penetrating, and more immediately useful than they were four years ago, with much more personal, down-to-earth articles on our very human problems explored both from a "transcendental" POV, but also the POV of an embodied human, with frustrations, needs, anxiety, and other stresses related to being in a human body.

The only bright spot is online Satsang where attendence holds steady at about 30-35 attendees per week.

I find all this amazing as I see no other teachers on FB or the web that address both the transcendental awakenings, the Satoris and other kinds of Self-Realization experiences, the methods, from self-inquiry to love, and also the joys and problems of ordinary human consciousness as are explored in these teachings.

It seems that in order to keep up my animal rescue efforts that I might need to back out of spiritual teaching and go back to editing medical reports as a more reliable income source.

You tell me, my audience, what is going on and how what do you think of my teaching style for the last two years?

Below are the blog readership charts for the last 4 years.

Click on this chart.  This shows readership for the past 12 months.  May and June has slipped under 200 per day.  There was one big spike in November when this blog was mentioned on some mega-site.

This is 2011-2012.  Notice readership was mostly in the 300 range and rarely feel below 200, with spikes to 400--600.

This is four years ago.  Readership was between 300-500, with spikes to 800.

There have been almost 1,100 posts during these four years, or about five a week.

What is happening?  I think teachings have increased in value, but readership and substantially decreased donations indicate otherwise.


  1. re blog readership :: I imagine facebook has cut/is cutting in to your blog readership. re teaching style :: I don't know. re cat $ :: If your core group gave $100 per person per month that would be close to $3000 per month. I imagine many of your students are not financially well off.

    Love from Fritz n me xxxx

  2. Dear Ed, the different scalings make it difficult to compare the graphs. I think the average green number was higher over the last year than in 2011/12. During the last year, there were four spikes to 400 and one clearly above 600, same as in 2011/12. So far, the dropout does not seem to be as severe as in March to May 2012. However, the orange line for returning viewers is indeed significantly lower. But I am aware that these observations do not respond to your questions.

    I was drawn to your website by the link to Robert Adams, your article "Hunting the I" and your remarks on the Nisargadatta Gita. I am sympathetic to a feel-your-feelings approach to become more open to love, because I see that resistance to feelings and habits of defending and struggling are main obstacles to staying centered. So, I was looking for information on how to let these blocks and knots behind obsessive thoughts, beliefs and habits melt away. Referring to this, your blog for me seemed a bit scattered and not too clear for my understanding. But I must say that I was never open to join a sangha or attend satsang anyway, which has nothing to do with your website or your teaching. Thank you very much!

  3. Ed,
    I really enjoy your writings.

    I don't support the cat program because it does not move me. I wonder if you feed the cat's fruits and vegitables or Tuna? My take is that I feel equally for the Tuna as I feel for the cat's. From the point of view of the Tuna, you are not a savior in any fashion. I have a few comments on the blog which i will try and make in the next post.

    Cheers, SA

  4. All the best for you, Edji, in any way, though many don't understand your ways, I love you dearly.