20 June 2014

New Email from M about changes

Dear Edji

It is pretty clear to me now that the scales have been removed from eyes that what You are doing is correct,  In fact it resonates  deeply in my heart as to be positively up-lifting.

When you say …

"Once you regard your body as real, and the world is real, you begin a journey of becoming “re-embodied” or “re-incarnated” into humanity.  Indeed, you realize yourself not only as the Absolute principle of “sentience,” Robert's "gap," but also as a physical body, with a mind, energies, and with emotions, existentially embedded into a physical and energetic reality.”

It occurs to me that this is what I have been seeking permission to be, when no permission was needed. I feel that all practices and prayers have lead me to this understanding.

I see that fear was driving me, and I was willingly accepting crumbs from the masters table instead of pulling up a chair next to my-Self, and enjoying the  feast of Self.

Why, because I clung to notion I was not worthy, and held dear my neuroses that told me I was not clever enough, too fearful, too full of resentments, too jealous, to full of self- pity and too angry to fully express my self to you about these things. 

However I did find the courage to write to you and it has been a huge catalyst for “burning” or “cooking” these imagined yet real shortcomings.  I suspect it needed to happen that way The release is freedom and I can begin to laugh at myself yet be cognizant of the “whole” the impermanence within the permanent … and  knowing this underscores fully what it means to be as Robert says often just “BE Yourself”

How can it be other … life is what it is and acting lovingly to all that goes on is paramount, and that includes when things are emotional, erratic, neurotic …  It all belongs and as you say so beautifully ”loving acceptance,” with enough uncertainty to preclude pre-ordination.  

Much love to you Dear Edji …see you at satsang! 


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