28 August 2011

Part 1 - The Nature of Enlightenment

Part 2 - A Guided Meditation

Part 3 - What is Meant by Illusion?


  1. Hi Ed!i might be the first to post again.I agree that Ranjit maharaj's message was repetitive.I found Amrut laya-The stateless state containing the words of Siddharameshwar Maharaj more useful.It talks about the examination of the three states and goes into some detail about the how of it?It's written in a traditional way though and that takes away the directness of the impact which was so evident in Nisargadatta Maharaj's words.By the way,I read progressive stages of meditation on emptiness and it was one of the best books i've read this year.Thankyou for the upload!I usually comment anonymously but i guess i'll stop that so that we may have more meaningful contact..

  2. Thank you Edji .
    These words , as reminder , are very precious .
    Because , yes , my body/mind seems to be more and more stupid , and afaik I don't remind why I came to the teaching .
    It as to be , that's it ....

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