08 August 2011

Love indeed is a powerful tool to the absolute, although you can find It there within your own sense of presence as a feeling of immense power and groundedness. Several of our family feel that presence, almost like an "other" within our own presence, the One in the center around which consciousness dances. Penetrate that presence by loving it, and you are close to home. Ryan, like me, is finding it the traditional way of meditation--just endlessly witnessing, which can be kind of dry.

The other way is setting the I Am on fire, becoming alive with thousands of energies, love, and ecstasies, and loving all beings and consciousness.  The flip side is dealing with the negative emotions so as to not harm others. In both approaches the guru can be a great aid, and some deem him indispensable. Robert was for me. 

Below is what Ram Dass said about his guru. Read the third paragraph closely. I have bolded it. He advocates exactly the approach I am suggesting. Loving someone external to love fully, completely, totally, and thus find it is your own love within, and then eventually finding the grounded, unmoving center, the absolute and feeling you are beyond even this wondrous dance of consciousness.

I want to be really clear though, there are many journeys possible within consciousness, and some, even knowing the absolute, the divine peace and mystery there, may choose, like Ramakrishna, to stay into the personal, to remain or become a person again, so that he could worship Kali and remain a lover. In fact, even the Jnani needs to return to the I Am to learn the lessons of love and consciousness, otherwise he is dry, or as Robert said, "A cold fish."

May 30, 2011
I could see that my guru had this power, this peace, this wisdom, this love, but it was hard for me to see it in myself. My neurotic ego didn’t allow me to think so positively about myself. But once I began to see myself through the guru’s eyes, with his grace the weight of all those negative habits of thought began to drop away, enough to allow me to go on with the journey. 

That’s a little of what the guru does. What we haven’t talked about is the incredible joy of being in his presence. It’s an ambience, a field around him, the field of his consciousness, who he is. When we were with Maharaj-ji most of us interpreted his physical form as the source or generator of that field, but it’s really his being attracting our souls. It’s a feeling that you only get when you’re contacting your deeper self, your soul. He invites us into a soul plane, he’s a soul connection. It’s a different plane of consciousness. It’s being in love, really being in it, being bathed by love until it suffuses your being. 

It’s like if you had intense love for Jesus as a human being. Then as you love Jesus so much, you start to meet the Christ. Then as you love the Christ more and more you keep merging into that love. When you’ve merged into the Christ there is only One. Initially it’s dualism. That’s the route of devotion to the guru. It’s a great asset to have the inner guru, to feel the presence and then keep merging into that presence. 

Each of us has our way of tuning into that place where the guru dwells inside, the telltale sign of that presence. For me, it’s like I’m in a dark room and there’s someone else in the room, a presence of another being who my external senses don’t register. If I’m really tuning into Maharaj-ji there’s a sense of joy, of truth. It feels right on, it resonates, and I can’t get away from it. It takes me over. I associate a feeling of deep harmony with him, or I notice the way things happen with incredible synchronicity that still feels completely natural. 

He comes to me in different ways, in different voices, in different people and yet there’s something about his presence that’s the same. It’s ecstatic. For you maybe it’s a feeling or a remembrance that comes from looking at the infinity of the night sky, or meditating, or listening to certain music, or a poem with an intimation of divine love that stirs your heart. 


  1. "That's the route of devotion to the Guru"


  2. Wonderful Ed. To me Ram Das is all love in his teachings and being.

    I use to wonder much about this love for the Guru. I met so many. Some I liked and resonated with. Some that just felt cold and lifeless but none that I felt like Janet feels for you.

    They say Bhakti yoga is a sure path but it will take you only as far as your Guru so choose wisely I guess. One thing for myself is loving my own self is difficult. I found loving others including some Gurus to be not that hard and with a few the love just happens.

    Much love

  3. Robert explains: from 910307

    People who do not understand Jnana Marga, Advaita Vedanta. They say it's your duty to help others, to make this a better world in which to live. But they do not understand that if you awaken and you become liberated, you become others. You are others. There's no one to help. This doesn't mean again that you will do nothing. Your body will appear to be helping, to do all kinds of things. But the truth is, when you help yourself, you help others. And when you help others, you help yourself. It's all one.

    Who says the jnani has no love or compassion and has to go back to find it? Who has to go back to find it? The ego? The ego has been annihilated. Whos concept of love is one chasing? Where is back or front? These are all mental concepts. Doesn't love and compassion flow of its own accord when the I is annihilated, as in devotion the I is annihilated by devotion itself.

    So the annihilation of the I in jnana and in bhakta have one and the same result.
    Love and Compassion flows even before one reaches pure awareness. But thats of Loves own accord.

    There must be some misunderstanding.

    When one is ready to awaken it doesn't matter in what form the guru takes, whether a tree, a human or a river or whatever, but what have we to do with that unless of course its an ego trip.

    Robert has not left any stone unturned in his teaching there is no need for any other teacher if you follow his leading you to the vein of gold. What more do you need? Find out who needs more? It will always come down to the ego taking one away from who they are.


  4. The first paragraph is the clencher in this piece for me. Ram says,"I could see that my guru had this power, this peace, this wisdom, this love. But it was hard for me to see it in my self. My neurotic ego didn't allow me to think so positively about my self"

    For the sake of continuity I will refer to the apparent 'ego' as impure love. Once the ego senses that there are no boundaries, no sense of 'otherness' it becomes terrified. It's impure love has no chance of survival in the presence of 'pure Love', that love the guru has. The purity of the guru's love, if you are willing, will purify your own, which dissolves the sense of otherness. This is what is referred to as 'cooking'. If the devotees heart is true, however impure his love may seem, he will have absolute trust that the guru is there for the purpose of purifying his love and not to hurt him/her in any way. This trust is a must. You will never make it without it. Your egoic fears will have you packing your bags in no time. I am speaking from experience because this is exactly what I am in the middle of and at times it feels unbearable. I have visions of running away as fast as I can. The only refuge I have is in the purity of the guru's love, coupled with trust and surrender and the overwhelming desire to love him with the same love that I am loved with. There is no higher way to honor the guru.

    Here's a test for you. Would you be able to allow your guru to bow down at your feet and worship you? I have comtemplated this so deeply and I seem to come up against a wall of fear. I realized why today. The pure love of the guru is free of all boundaries and fears. To the impure love/ego, such uncontaminated love is unbearable in its intimacy and wholeness. This impure love will never be able to allow itself to be worshipped, thus is the very thing which must be burned away. Be cautious, it feels like love starts a forest fire within itself, then whispers to itself, "Shhh", so that it can become encircled and consumed in its own flames. There is no way out at this point.

    Thanks for this piece Ed. It is so timely.

    With Great Love,