11 August 2011

It is altogether perfect to talk about awakening, love, and awareness, but there is such brutality in the world, especially towards animals, and one feels helpless to do anything about it. The photos following basically are from the meat and fur markets in China, and the killing fields for dogs in Romania. They are too ugly to post here so I give two links: The first is to penned dogs in a Chinese fur market, the second is to all 498 photos.

Look at the photos. Really look at them.

There is much to be done to tone down the cruelty of consciousness, and no one here but us to do it.



When I was in Korea it was the same, but the killings and butchering was not done in public as here. 

I had been ordained as the first American ever to be named as a World Teacher of Chogye Buddhism in 1999.  About a year later I renounced the title in protest after I learned more that had been hidden from me while I was there.

I do what I can by just looking around me and seeing I can help homeless cats in Los Angeles.

Last night I was feeding near a Spanish market in Encino, when an about 5 month old female kitten walked up to me where I normally feed an older, very feral male cat, looked me right in the eye, and said "MEOW" in the loudest voice from a cat I ever heard. I promptly gave her an extra can and a half of cat food, and plan on capturing her soon and maybe find her a home as she will almost let me touch her.

One woman I help is Marie, who feeds 122 cats every night, and yet only has a take home pay of $1,000 a month and another $800 in Social Security.  I plan on following her on her rounds one evening soon, to photograph her feedings dozens of cats at a time in some places.

Of course spaying and neutering is always going on. I mention this because inevitably I will get a comment that the cats should be sterilized or else the problem increases. Duhh.


  1. This is a terrible world where people are very ignorant.
    Most ignore their similarity to those whom they refuse to respect.
    It is indeed like a joke.
    But the only audience left to laugh are those more likely to cry.

  2. I know people who watched beheading videos and all kinds of horrible videos. Eventually i was exposed to them as well. Once you put something in your head, you cant get it out, so i would prefer not to look at them Edji, but i will take your word for it. I've had enough of the world.

    anyway, i know its unrelated, but this segment from Roberts talk really seemed to be in line with your teaching lately about the I AM.


    Robert Adams satsang: 1992-12-10
    Approx: 30 minute mark

    "Love Yourself"

    Questioner: Robert, Why do you say "love yourself" instead of saying "love the self"?

    Robert: Because if i say to love the self you wont know what to love. How can you love the self when you belive you are a human being? Its impossible. When you love yourself the way you are, automatically you rise in conciousness and become the real self-when you begin to love yourself just the way you are.

    Questioner: I see. So your saying to love the body-mind self and that in turn will lead you to the higher self.

    Robert: Yes, but when you love your body-mind self do not think about the body-mind self or about your sins of commisson or omission or your past or future. Do not think of yourself as a body at all but love yourself just the same. Love yourself without outlining, love yourself without judgement, love yourself the way you are in this moment. When you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say; "i love you self," "i love my self." DO not think who your self is, do not come up with a human self, do not go into your past or your future or the present. Just be there, loving yourself. Loving yourself this way will take care of everything else. But if you begin to say "i love myself" and the mind brings up all kinds of episodes in your life, then you will hate yourself. Thats the way to do it. Love yourself without qualification and then your higher self will come into play.

    I feel like this has been the role of the guru thus far for me, to remove my doubt/hate/dissapointment feelings about myself and feel good about myself. I have stopped feeling sorry for myself, stopped doubting if im doing it right. Of course those things still rise up in conciousness, but they are not paid attention to anymore. I dont know what will happen to me and I dont care anymore. The doubt/loathe/fear/wanting to change things has given way to acceptance and love. Chanting has helped with negative feelings above tremendously and I recommned it to everybody as Edji does.

    Jai Guri