06 August 2011

To Me: 
I've had a keen interest in awakening and self-realization for about four or so years ever since an friend online introduced me to the book I Am That. After a couple years of nothing more than intellectual obsession with the idea of it all I read a bit of Autobiography of a Jnani and then got in contact with Rajiv, mostly because I thought there was something to be had in the interaction with an awakened person even if just through email. I guess I can't truthfully say that that isn't the main reason behind this very message to you.

While talking with Rajiv through email I told him about a profound dream I had of me walking up a staircase through four floors of a building. After the dream I thought about it the entire day trying to interpret it and it all seemed very clear. My interpretation was that the lobby of the building was symbolic of every day life which is were I was(and still am). The first floor was symbolic of the pursuit of riches and financial wealth as it was about young stock brokers and businessmen. The second was of the pursuit of knowledge and world peace as there were many young students with many great ambitions to change the world. Finally the third floor was a small attic like storage room for the janitor and strangely the janitor who I was going to see that day(in my dream that is) was you. Then you pulled out a crossbow and killed me with it, a frightening part which ended the dream, which I interpreted to be symbolic of the event of self-realization or the death of the ego.

That dream has kept me from asking you any questions and so I've been following Rajiv for some time since then, and now just to get it off my chest I decided to just tell you about it.

I know it's just a dream and hardly worth further thought.

There is something that has been bothering me half my life which I haven't ever told any one about except you now and someone else very close(and physically distant) to me. I would say I have delusions of grandeur. When I was just a child my father told me about a prediction that Nostradamus had made about a boy born in the 20th century named (my name) who will achieve great heights of success. Looking back on it I realize he was joking or possibly even being sarcastic(I don't know as I could never actually bring that up with him) but for a considerable time in my youth I really believed it.

Now after reading your comments on the powers of Siddhis being of no value and importance of an instructor to help you avoid the mystical powers, I find that I have an alarming difficulty in accepting this. Not as if I don't accept it but that I am just still very bound by the seed that was planted in my head of me becoming "someone" really great. It's quite embarrassing and at the same time even talking about it with you now there is this vague hope that I'm not able to eliminate that you will say something like "yes it is your destiny". I'm just trying to be honest here that's all, I don't talk like this all the time. I'm trying to strip myself naked in front of you so to speak.

I haven't asked a question yet, but could you send a reply just to confirm you've read this, or possibly comment on anything that you feel should be said to this.

Thank you kindly

You came to the right person for an answer.
Yes, you are indeed someone great!  Really!
Look within, follow the I Am, learn to love your sense of presence and you will find you are the greatest ever born, for you are the Self, the center, creator, and sustainer of the universe!
You are immortal and beyond time.
So rare is the human that discovers this. Maybe that was the purpose of the seed. Find your magnificense by looking within.
The dream you had was perfect!!!!
Come to me and find your immortal greatness.
I love you,


  1. Your dream sounds a lot like Game of Death. Were you wearing a yellow track suit with black piping?

    Nice answer, Ed.

  2. I had crazy dreams for 25 years, never having heard of anything non-Western. I thought I was a whacko. (That lable might still be applicable. :)) My first thought on watching the movie "The Matrix", after the part where all the hoses detach from Neo, was "How did they know my dream?" Deaths and afterlifes in dreams many, many times. I dreamt of a building that contained my life, escaping to a park. Even making phone calls from "limbo". The mind/ego is so amazing. I started a new job last year, then on reporting to the location, realized that i had dreamed of a significant part of the building. Still, as Edji says, it's all just stuff arising and falling. It is only since following the "I", via Nisargadatta's instructions, that I have begun to know peace. The crazy dreams have stopped. After 35 years. Heck, if I accomplish nothing else, that would alone would make me an Edji/Advaita devotee. And I am an avowed Tibetan Buddhist. :) Keep up the great work. It's all good. Your brother in practice, Paul

  3. Edji your compassion is growing deeper and deeper.
    Blessed to have passed through you

  4. So called "Delusions of Grandeur" seen in an entirely different light here, illuminated so clearly by Edji's putting such a thoroughly encouraging message to the writer.

    May the writer now see this in this new light!