16 August 2011

Mia Culpa

Our Sangha now has 90 members. I get an average of 10 or more emails a day from sangha members and another 3-5 from those who read the blog or websites. Sometimes I get many more than that.

I understand many feel I do not hear them or respond to them and that is true. I really don't "feel" emails that much unless I know the person well.

If you feel I am not seeing you or responding as to what you need, schedule a Skype or phone appointment by sending me an email.  Look, I have been a teacher for less than a year.  This is all new to me and I am trying as hard as I can within my limitations as a crusty old fart.


  1. Old fart MAYBE, but not crusty.


  2. Edji, you are our Beloved Teacher. You are giving us everything! There are no words for the gratitude that I feel for your love for us. How can you talk of your "limitations" when you are giving us all this Love and Wisdom?

    Love, Katherine

  3. Edji, For well over a year you are one of my 1st thoughts of the day and one of my last thoughts at night. You are a constant throughout my days and in my dreams at night. We've never even spoken in person. You've answered a few e-mails, but somehow I don't even think it odd that somebody I've never met in person or spoke to by phone could impact me so much. You actually answer most of my questions before I ask them on this blog or in a satsang and oddly, I somehow don't find that odd either. It is nice to know that you are out there and that you PUT yourself out there to so many. I may take you up on a call someday, but for now you give me so much I can't begin to thank you enough. I do have frequent, strong feelings to be near you, but I always have and think that is natural. Don't worry, you wont find me on your porch in the morning Edji :) Just want to tell you that you are an important part of my heart's neighborhood and it feels like you have been for a long, long time.


  4. Big surprise everyone!

    Just like ME, Edji is not 'perfect', BUT -- he is MY projection, MY responsibility -- MINE. Think long and hard on that if you are not happy with Edji - or anyone else - for any reason!

    Here is Robert explaining the first principle "Everything is a Projection Of Your Mind" in the transcripts:

    "The reason I express these words, is to make you understand that there is something else besides your bodily experiences. There's something besides your everyday occurrences. And that is called the Self. The Self is merely a self-­contained Self, projecting and manifesting the universe and the world. You are that Self. And the reason the universe and the world exist is because you exist. It's being emanated through you. You are the projectionist. The entire universe is a projection of your mind.

    Think about that. Everything in this universe, person, place or thing, everything, your body, your thoughts, creation, God, everything you can think about... (S: Each other?) ...everything, and I mean everything, is a projection of your mind. If you really understand this, how can you have a problem?

    All existence, from the smallest atom to the greatest cosmic galaxy, it all comes out of your mind. But even if I tell you this you still feel that something is real, don't you? You feel that something is real. You may say, "The sun is real." You may say, "Well, God is real." You may say, "An atom is real," but you do not comprehend that you are creating these things. They're all a projection of your mind. If you didn't have a mind, you would not have these concepts. That's why we are told to annihilate the mind, to kill the mind, no mind, no concepts. All these ideas come as you begin to realize that everything is a projection of your mind.

    Just be aware of yourself, of who you really are, and realize the rest are a projection of your mind. To be aware of these truths sets you free. Just to be aware of them.

    And in response to why a certain thing might happen to you Robert said:

    "Here's what you would do. First you would have to get out of the way or whatever you have to do to stop the situation and then when you get home and you're by yourself, you would ask yourself the question, "Why did I attract this? What am I that I attracted a condition like this?" because if it weren't for your mind you wouldn't have attracted it. So there's something in your mind that pulled you to that condition."


  5. I am grateful for the love I feel at all times, the patience and the tenderness. And unlike Tony, you might find me on your porch in the morning.

    With Great Love

  6. Crusty old fart, has served me just fine, more than fine. Infact wouldn't have you any other way, that was part of the magic!!