31 August 2011

I came on your site when I was having problems with my Osho Sannyas and I read the story you told about Robert Adams having the same faraway look and about him confirming Osho’s enlightenment. That hit me like a thunderbolt, because I always trusted Robert Adams transcripts and tapes and my Sannyas exploded again as I realised the Oceanic All-Pervading One speaking through all the Masters and then I made contact with you and grounded it all.
That All-Pervading Oceanic One is you.  I know it because today I entered the site again and you, an Advaita Vedanta Master had just the right information at just the right time yet again.  My conflict  was that I loved Nisargadatta Maharaj so much that I wanted to reject my Osho Sannyas because he criticised him and called him a mere beedie baba.  Robert Adams saved me at that point but I was still not clear.
Then you post Osho on Masters criticising each other for the good of the disciple - the exact conflict I am going through - I'm sure I need not tell you how powerful my realization is.
Thanks again Osho you Edji are truly the Oceanic One leading and directing your Sannyasins.


  1. i found a picture of Robert Adams I had never seen before



  2. Thanks Isaac!

    That's actually a very nice copy of the photo from the front cover of the June 1993 issue of The Mountain Path article on Robert Adams: Silence is the Ultimate Reality, you can get a full copy of the article here:



  3. Thanks Isaac for this great photo, in fact it is a good quality file. Please post the links if you find some more!! Matthew Brown