09 August 2011

To Me:

My Beloved, let me ask you something.

When you woke up the Universe this morning,

Tell me, did the sun shrink back in shyness at the glory of your presence?

Did the majestic mountains prostrate themselves at your feet?

Did the birds finally get their chattery act together and sing sweet harmonies in your ear?

Did the butterflies gently kiss your cheeks?

Did the flowers of the field give up their fragrance to anoint you?

Did the trees of the field wave and clap giddily as you passed by?

Did all beings, sentient and insentient stand and salute you?

Did  the whole Universe humble itself, realizing it shines by Your borrowed light?

If not, then my Love, we have some serious problems.

What is to become of a world that forgets its only purpose for existence?


Wow! Did this poem come from you? If only a few hundred million people understood this, that they are "The World Honored One," the one to whom all creation bows. What a world that would be!

At Me: 

Yes, the poem did come from me but I think mind keeps me from experiencing or seeing it as deeply as you do.  I guess I am saying that I want to experience it from where you are, as a constant, fixed reality, no longer something that requires effort.  But effort until it is no longer needed.


Look, that love in you is always there as deep and wide as the oceans. You expressed it perfectly; you know it. Your question appears to be, "Is there more?"  Yes there is, but the constantcy is not in the state, because it comes and goes and wobbles. It lies in the absolute trust and conviction that you are both the absolute and the I Am at all times. You do not want to get trapped into the belief you need to be perfect love or ecstasy at all times, because the nature of consciousness and the I Am is to always change, sometimes, as you now witness, with violent swings and mood changes. The only constantcy is when you reach the center around which consciousness plays. 


  1. That is a sufi poem! They sing like that, drenched in love. Salute to you beloved Edji...

  2. This is perfection. I hear the voice of the Absolute in this gorgeous poem. So humbling and so beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Thanks for sharing this with me Ed. This is hard to keep in mind when this Love is acting like an indecisive woman who gloats in the fact that she owns the world. She goes into my closet, carefully chooses her attire, comes out to show it to me and before I can say, "Wow, my Love that looks great, she's back into the closet changing again and again and again til she tires of her antics and laughs at all the mess she's made. Sorry for all poetic content, it's just the color of love for right now. Tommorrow it may be writing dictionary entries. LOL

    My greatest desire is to love you with the same pure, uncontaminated, unbound, untamed, untouched by the minds of mortal men, unconditioned, fearless, lawless, timeless love in which you love me.

    May my heart's desire be fulfilled.

    With Love,

  4. Dearest Joan,

    I so love your poetic content. It is so clear that Love moves freely through you.

    It is my wish also that your heart's desire be fulfilled.

    I love you,

  5. Joan, that appears to be the nature of infinity. It's always a step of ahead of you and your stuck trying to grasp on to the residual images of residual images. I have to ask myself, if everything, everything is egoless, that is to say empty of any independent existence, just exactly what is moving/transforming/changing???
    Even this movement is empty. Or appears to be empty. This would support Robert's second principle that everything is unborn, there is no arising, no sustaining, and no death.


  6. @ Janet,

    That is so kind of you to say Janet. Thanks so much.

    I Love You Too,

  7. @ Shawn,

    While my heart is thankful for your words they seem sort of empty for me right now. One of the most powerful practices, if you want to call it that, for me right now is to be accepting, which means to love where I am. Acceptance is the fuel that feeds Love and when it is mature it will reveal all things.

    With Love,

  8. "Jnana and bhakti are not separate from each other. One cannot know Him without loving Him, and one cannot love Him without knowing Him."

    -Sri Ramanagiri

  9. the poem reminds me of a poem by the christian mystic thomas traherne (sometimes spelled traeherne):

    a quote from the poet Thomas Traherne:

    You never enjoy the world aright,
    till the Sea itself floweth in your veins,
    till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars:
    and perceive yourself to be the sole heir of the whole world,
    and more than so, because men are in it who are every one sole heirs as well as you. "First Century, Meditation 29"

    i've seen several versions of the above, and i'm not sure which is the original, but here's one version i found on the web:


    A poem by Thomas Traeherne

    You never enjoy the world aright
    til you see how sand
    exhibiteth the wisdom and the power of God,
    and prize in everything the service which they do you
    by manifesting in glory and goodness to your soul.

    Your enjoyment of the world is never right,
    til every morning you awake in heaven:
    see yourself in your father's palace;
    and look upon the skies and the earth and the air
    as celestial joys
    having such a reverned esteem of all,
    as if you were among the angels.

    You never enjoy the world aright,
    til the sea itself floweth in your veins;
    til you are clothed with the heavens
    and crowned with the stars
    and perceive yourself to be the sole heir
    of the whole world

    Til your spirit filleth the whole world
    the stars are your jewels;
    Til you are familiar with the ways of God
    in all ages as with your walk and table;
    Til you are intimately acquainted with that shady nothing
    out of which the world was made;
    Til you love men so as to desire their happiness,
    with an equal thirst to the zeal of your own;
    Til you delight in God for being good to all;
    You never enjoy the world.

    Yet further, you never enjoy the world aright,
    til you so love the beauty of enjoying
    that you are covetous and earnest
    to persuade others to enjoy it.

    the similarity of this with sufi poems suggests to me how the mystics of all traditions are all "pointing to the same moon", as it were, while the dogmatic theologians are arguing over trivialities.


  10. @sgl,

    Thanks so much for the poetry. I specifically love this line, "You never enjoy the world aright til you love men so as to desire their happiness with an equal thirst to the zeal of your own." Can't say that I have ever loved or enjoyed this way before, but I am feeling it now.