31 July 2011


To finish what I started to say when we 'lost' you again (with technical difficulties at Satsang).  There has been a mini Edji in my head all week.  You mentioned to us last week about the importance of having one teacher, one teaching.  This advice was taken to heart very deeply.  I relistened to last weeks satsang several times to make sure that I understood your directions and I adhered to your advice.  I love the simplicity of single hearted devotion to one teacher and teaching.  There was no confusion, the mind was clear, the practice simple...Love the I Am, meditate on the I Am.  The love is definitely growing, surging through the body with great force at times.  The sense of presence is so much stronger, so obvious.  The sense of a seer that sees even that is also sensed more frequently.

You also told us to be alert and see that states come and go but do not touch us.  This has been experienced this week as well.  Moods, feelings, energies...gross and subtle manifestations coming and going and most of the time there is a sense of 'not being touched' by them. 

This heart is taking great refuge in the teacher and the teaching...the inner one and the outer ones.  The trust and surrender are growing naturally.

Thank you so much for the satsangs that we all enjoy so much with you.  They are priceless, the high light of the week.

Love you so much,



I want everyone to see how different Robert's and Nisargadatta's teachings are versus all the neo-Advaitins' teaching you don't have to do anything, just realize everything is consciousness: the objects; people; furniture; sky; emotions; and the void itself.

They all deny there is anything beyond consciousness, which is the singular, main point of Nisargadatta's teaching and also Robert's, though he rarely articulated it in public. For them, consciousness is everything. I want to take people beyond consciousness, even though the knowledge of that beyond is in awareness, the I Am.

To me, the neos have only scratched the surface.

Back at me:

I had sort of a 'reality check' experience yesterday.
I was driving over the mountains with my three kids to do some shopping.  All of a sudden there was such presence of beingness, aliveness, bliss, love...  It was like the eyes were the lens on a camera and they opened up really wide, letting in everything; the trees, the cars, the road, the sky and the body.  Everything seemed the same but without a center.  There was no sense of a me driving, but driving was happening; no sense of a me seeing but seeing was happening.  Just pure perceiving.  So blissful!  It was hard to keep from laughing out loud.  The whole experience - at its peak - lasted about 20 minutes.  Toward the end the sense of the 'me' came in and with it thoughts of fear.  But it was all watched.  If I had to pick a concept I'd have to say it reminds me of what Robert speaks of as Sat Chit Ananda.  It is still lingering, but not as strong as earlier.  But just sitting here typing there is such spaciousness.  The center 'me' comes and goes and that coming and going is watched.   

There really is no one behind all of this is there Ed?  No center, no one to whom anything is happening, just happenings and even these are witnessed...

Yes, when that state becomes "permanent," you are considered awakened, at least the first stage.

Very, very good.



  1. i have only one teacher and one teaching, Edji and the I AM,, but there is a point of confusion. In your last posted satsang you said to love yourself, you followed this by saying that such a task was difficult if u did not know what yourself was. how true. Then the song I Will Sing Thy Name was played, and you said "...put your name in there.

    Doez that mean the I AM/prescence thst we are to love is the individual, isaac? To love Isaac as the absolute made manifest? Thats confusing as i've been trying to lose isaac(the ego/individual) for years. Obviously im still looking for the I AM.


  2. Perhaps Isaac the ego is identified with things/conditions other than the self? Things that are not real.
    To love your self is to love the same self that is in you and everybody else. The I AM that is your presence is my presence as well. Can you recognize that presence in everyone you meet? I pray that I can.

  3. Roberts talk from 1992-12-13 @ 9:30 into the talk helped out with this question. He tells how to love yourself by loving the self that appears in the moment and ansered the question HOW DO I MAKE LOVE TO THE SELF? DO I LOVE THE HIGHER SELF? LOWER SELF?

    Answer: The self im speaking about is not the higher or lower self...Think of someone you love unconditionally, ultimately, no string attached. It may be your dog or cat or a person. You have to have unconditional love for this and feel that love. Realize that love you feel is love for yourself, you are the guru, god, krishna, your wife. feel that love. This requires practice. If you practice this you will develop really fast. Most people think they have to love the self that appears or love god or brahmin. You cant love god you dont know what he is. You cant love Brahmin you haven't experienced it. you have to love something you've experienced. And it expands, becomes all-pervading.


  4. I think i had a similar experience of what you experienced driving in your car. IT was several years ago before i was interested in spirituality at all. I was working on an assembly line doing a repetitive job for about a year, the same thing over and over. It sounds exactly like you describe but it lasted only about 15 seconds and i tried desperately to return to that state but could not.