20 July 2011

Dearest Edji,

This morning there was a prompt to read "Going Beyond Existence" once again.  I cannot tell you in enough words what that did for me.
It was clearly seen that "THAT" which has been hunting all along was the "Self".
About the middle of May I had my first awakening. 
 Then about  2  weeks after that there was a quietness within all day...At night I put in my I-pod and listened to it while going deep within...I lost all Consciousness of Being in any state (awake, sleep , or deep sleep).  Yet at some point "I" knew that I existed...time didn't exist  ....then I heard this : "Your dead". (Then stillness) .  Then again: "Your body is dead".  There was no ruffle, no fear, just this "OK" the body is dead.  It had no bearing to who I am..(then stillness again, or emptiness or nothingness).  Then I heard the voice again...it said: "Your body is not dead" " Look,"  how can it be dead when it is listening to music?
All of a sudden...hearing happened....and I could hear the I-Pod which had been playing all along....and I could feel the body once again.
Since then, so many wonderful Phenoniminal things have happened, some I wrote to you about .
But today after reading your Going Beyond existence I can clearly see this...(you wrote)
Then the “new” practice becomes looking at the looker, not at some body sensation or false I in imaginal space. You are already aware of the looker, but not that the looker is the true you. You have been caught in the misunderstanding that the looker may find the true self, when in fact, the looker is the true self. The looking "for" is the problem; the looker is already complete and at rest.
Therefore, join the looker.
So there are two steps: locate the looker, as the subject of sensations, and try to play with it to observe all its manifestations, then to rest in the looker, relax and let the looker look, and become the looker only
Edji, once again I want to thank you with a tremendous depth of gratitude for having all this information available.  It clears up what is taking place.....yet its so hard to know exactly what is going on until that lightbulb moment of clarity comes from the teacher...
I am so honored to know you
and so very thankful



  1. Wow, I think this looker needs to read this a few times to allow it to sink in. Thank you always! You all are so wondersful!

    Question:Was it Robert's talk that you were listening to while asleep??

  2. It might have been Roberts talks as I believe I listened to all of them many times.
    It wasn't so much about the words he spoke; it was what was behind them. They seemed to always take me to that placeless place.

    I can't say for sure though, if that was what was playing at the time.