04 July 2011



  1. Ed Ji

    U mention that feeling loved & happy in a guru's presence is a sign of being with your Guru.

    I find this a very dangerous statement for many as a True guru will create situations to shake the foundation of his students & will use every chance to shatter all sorts of false identification. The student will immediately take this as a personal attack & will project anger & fear & hate to the guru & wont feel loved & happy anymore, than what!!!

    I feel trust has to be built gradually between the Guru & student until a point comes where the student knows by heart that the guru's actions no matter how harsh they look are really intended to take him beyond all.

    I feel that the relationship should reach a point where the student's will dissolves in his guru's will than doors would open.

    I have met gurus out there who expected me to obey & surrender after less than a month or so & this is nonsense to me + they wouldn't allow me to question them or even disagree with them.

    In your case Ed I still find you to a certain degree still withdrawn from being available to those who seek your company. I don't know if this is a running away from owning the role of the guru or not caring enough or being stuck in absolute!!

    With great respect & honor

  2. Faisal, your cup is not empty enough yet. You have too many ideas about what a guru does, real, unreal, trust, gradual, etc. If you keep coming to a guru, by just choosing by your feet, you have selected him or her.

    I see so much reluctance in you to settle down to any guru yet. You write to Rajiv wanting to set up an exclusive, month long retreat. You have left several gurus, one of whom seemed pretty critical of your behavior with her.

    I see you being critical of me and my availability, but I remember many emails you write to Jo Ann and me requesting we change the program we use, or the times of Satsang to fit your equipment and your middle east time frame.

    I still don't see any surrender there to any teacher, and it is always their fault.

    I don't know who said it, but I paraphrase some teacher, "If you come to me with doubt, I will give you many reasons to questions me. But if you come with love, you will receive love beyond your imagination."

  3. Very interesting Satsang, Ed.

    I really appreciate your being there.

    And I'm starting to see you're not the grouch I once thought you were; there's reason for your, sometimes, blunt responses! I get it now.

    Thank you.