22 July 2011

Another Advaitin comes in from the cold:

That guy Charlie... I think someone needs a hug.

Funny, I used to state "nothing matters"...  as we discussed, true.  Reality just could not be any other way.  Now I returned after years to, that yes nothing matters and also as I have been encouraged I also embrace the deeply self-evident truth that in radiant aliveness "everything matters".  My body/beingness/vitality feels more alive and responsive again--I no longer just feel cool awareness or samadhi states, or anguish, etc., --now I also feel--LOVE--fulfilling, nourishing, satsifying--much gentler on my once--broken body! My appreciation much more rooted in my body, the world.  This to me mirrors awareness/identity as wisdom and then of love. Simply the ever-present experience of full reality acknowledging thus appreciating thus celebrating, thus thanking the self! A constant cosmic hug!

In part, I always felt that my conviction and awareness were true--jnana.  To state otherwise would be a lie--yet it never felt right or complete--possibly because I do not have the full conviction or awareness being awake--but for me I do now see I also lost connection to another self-evident truth--bhakti, which feels so enriching--always saying thank you, thank you, thank you....  What joy to be rejoined, lost twins, now hand in hand, though sure, bullshit comes and it goes.

Peace Ed,


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