14 July 2011

Dear edji It's yoni again :) I hope you're not a busy man if you are tell me and I'll write less. Thank you for answering so quickly though. I have another question. How do you know when you are aware of consciousness with no object ? So you have the conviction that nothing exits outside of consciousness! what does it feel like ? how do you know ?


The only time you have knowledge about is is when you see consciousness move. You are aware, that you are aware of consciousness, which is moving. It is the movement that allows the awareness.

That knowledge happens in consciousness though, and you are never aware who you are.

The 'I Am' is the message to the absolute that it exists in the final sense, when the I Am has become most pure. Before that, the 'I Am' is the individual's sense of presence. In the pure state, it is a reflection of the absolute.

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