25 July 2011

Last Saturday's Satsang

Please turn up audio volume to maximum.

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  1. Guru, have been intensely practicing self inquiry, so much it has penetrated into my dreams. And I have fun with it, sometimes singing the Who lyrics, "who are you, who who, who who" and changing the who whos to I I, I I.
    Brand new Satori of very old stuff.

    EVERYTHING is a projection of my mind, in an infinite mirroring process, so sense of self expands vastly,
    expands to the totality of consciousness, into infinity.
    YET at the same time, there is vast emptiness that opens up, space, void, NOTHING, allowing us freedom, freedom to choose our reactions,
    or more like acting consciously instead of reacting by conditioning.

    AND then as well, our actions flow naturally, spontanously, as if nobody was doing anything

    This world is suspended between nothing and everything, and there is no difference between those two.

    And that is my current knowledge of life, MYSTERY, because mystery is full of excitement, fun, suspense, and drama


    When the mystery is solved, playtime ends, dreamtime ends, and the credits roll(poeticly, not really).

    But I don't really know any of what I just wrote. The wiser I become the more foolish I appear.
    A wisefool. Not a bad character to play.

    If I forgot all of this tommorow it wouldn't mean anything, or make any difference. THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE, and everything to gain.
    Self inquiry seems to be dropping into watching presently. Just this. Staying with just this.