04 July 2011

FROM Jo Ann Chinnn, "Mother of Satsang"


Dear Sangha,

You are all aware that Edji’s top priority when it comes to teaching, is to become a good person, a kind and caring person, so that even if you don’t go free — and so far, five have gone free under Edji during the past 4 years — that you will still have had a profound effect in making the world a better place.
Edji’s specific charity/rescue work involves homeless cats living in Los Angeles. Personally he helps five colony managers who take care of over 600 cats in the San Fernando Valley. This involves buying food, medications, helping trap, neuter and return cats to their colonies, or getting them off the streets and into homes. In addition, the help consists of vet costs for ill cats, vaccinations, and spay/neuter costs.

All in all, Edji spends about $500-$700 a month right now for these expenses, and he used to spend more when he was able. 
However, for the past 5 months donations have dried up. Six months ago — just for his animal work — he was getting almost $1,500 a month in donations. For the past 4-5 months, donations have dropped to under $200 a month.

Edji and his project to help the cats of Los Angeles desperately need your donations

In addition, we now have International weekly Satsangs with the monthly expense of a video conferencing program and paying for hosting websites. Edji has refused to ask for donations to support Satsang before, but he feels the time is now right.
So please give, if you are at all able... donate through PayPal 
or contact Edji at satsang.online@gmail.com for an address to mail a check.  No donation is too small, it all helps!

Edji gives so much of his time to us through his Blog and the Satsangs (and even on Skype), can we not help him help the animals and make our International Satsang grow?
So PLEASE, if you can, make a donation
 at:  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=10471709

Much Love and Gratitude for any and all help that you can offer Edji,


P.S.   Edji’s nonprofit corporation, “We Are Sentience” is now legally incorporated in the state of California, and the paperwork to file for federal 501c3 status has been completed. We are now awaiting for federal tax exemption, but Edji and the animals need your donations NOW.


  1. thank you Jo Ann to remind us.. sorry Edji we forget your homeless cats..

  2. Western dynamics is so different to India. No guru should have to ask for donation, especially if his help is so generous and of a high quality. Thats why I know that this kind of work should be charged for.(because west knows about charity, but not donations)
    It does not make the guru money oriented/mercenary or seller of Truth. It is smoother that way and does both parites good to exchange energy in the form of money.

    Scores of old students here, can't believe that they cannot even make sure that their guru is well catered for. Appalling!You did not forget his cats, you forgot your guru!!

    In advaita, money is not part of the separation or dwaita. Money or indeed anything else cannot be excluded - Otherwise it is just advaita in name, not in truth. Money also stems out of the same emptiness. So what is the problem for the guru to charge? Because Some gunky idea about money is still held in the consciousness. Which results in such a senario


  3. Devotees will take care of there Beloved. Whatever the dynamics.

  4. I see there are 5 people who arrived with EDji
    Rajiv, Janet, D, Deeya
    can't remember any other name mentioned in that way. Can anyone help please?