25 October 2010

Satsang is starting soon. I felt a need to practice before a camera. The below video is an expansion of the previous body-emptiness meditation into self inquiry within the Void. Watch and participate just once. In the future, play it as an MP3 audio file and have it repeat three times for a full hour of lying or sitting meditation. Later, we'll redo this meditation showing students in half and full lotus doing these meditations.

If you want, have a second CD or MP3 player playing kirtan or bhajans along with the audio instructions quietly in the background.

In me, this always produced various levels of ecstasy and deepening meditations. While quiet you are watching all aspects of your inner experience, especially the I-thought, and the I-Am sensation. Some describe it as amness alone, but the experience has both an I and an am, which can be separately recognized and then found as one. Amness is the sense of beingness or "presence," while I points towards the non-spatial aspect of the subject.

Of course, the most dynamic meditations are the Zen meditation retreats such as at Mt. Baldy. We may organize one there some day. Now that is an entirely more advanced level of practice nearly impossible in everyday life in an urban environment.

This exercise however, gives you a direct insight into having no self while still having a practicing mind and ego. It introduces you to the Void.

With this video, only pay attention to the voice instructions. Be relaxed and sitting or lying when you begin to play it.


  1. My beloved Edji,

    How have I deserved the outpouring of your presence? How can I even thank you, for the love and joy I feel shatter the separation between an Ed and Janet.
    This meditation brings such a flow of energy. But what is even more astonishing is how by simply holding onto the 'Edji' thought the Oneness of things is revealed.

    So much gratitude for all you do for us.

    Jo-Ann, I also wanted to express my deeply felt appreciation for your dedication to Edji and making his teachings available to all of us. How I love you my friend! But as you know it is not me loving ... The dance of Consciousness - so beautiful, so joyful!


  2. My deepest thanks for your help, time and most of all love which springs from the ultimate source. Thank you Edji.



  3. Hello Everyone,

    Just a reminder that you can download the mp3 file of this meditation from the Satsang website... go to the Guided Mediation page.

    http://satsang.yolasite.com or click on my name above as it is a direct link.

    Love to all,


  4. Thank you Ed. This is a meditation that I will return to again. It was very relaxing.

  5. Thank you! It is very powerful. Deep love and gratitude flow.

  6. The video can also be downloaded - if one registers with vimeo.

  7. Hello Everyone!

    We have a new website name for the Satsang Website:


    This name has been chosen by Edji and you will learn more about it in the future.

    The old website name no longer works so please use this new name!

    Love and Blessings to All,


  8. I have a direct downloader from you tube converter to mp3 files if anyone wants one let me know.
    All you need to do is put the url n and it will download the video automatically extracting only the audio and placing it in a mp3 file this way you save a lot of disk space and time.

  9. Just a reminder... the mp3 files for ALL the videos are on the Satsang website so there is no need to convert the videos yourself... unless you want to!

    Also, the longer videos are only on the Satsang Website and our Vimeo website as YouTube limits us to 15 minutes.

    You can download ALL the video files from Vimeo if you sign up for a free Vimeo account.

    NOTE: some files will be mp3 files only if the video is poor - see the October 26th Satsang files with Rajiv, these will only be mp3 files.




  10. Thanks Jo-Ann good to know however how do you download from the website to put the mp3 files on your disk.
    I put everything in custom folders on my computer.
    I did not know about your site thanks!

  11. Hi Edji,

    Thanks for the guided meditation.
    It's the same relaxation exercise I used for years many years ago beginning with my feet and working my way upwards. However the small twist you gave it when it came to the "I" who is experiencing this etc was very nice.

    I for myself tend to take a much more Zen approach with self-inquiry as for some reason I never care for the relaxation one. I guess I am kind of a odd ball.

    blessings for your work and efforts