19 October 2010

Below is a guided meditation on the emptiness of the body. The body cannot be experienced as a totality. You are aware of the body with the tactile senses, only where it touches something, or when there is some pain or dysfunction inside, such as sore muscles or joint pain. Looking within with eyes closed reveals mostly emptiness in which some tactile sensations are loosely positioned, and which do not in any way create the outline or form of the body.

In fact, the body is mostly a visual artifact, that works together in the mind to create a composite body image which we usually take to be ourselves. With some practice you can simultaneously experience both your own inner emptiness and the historical body image you take to be yourself; the image will be seen as floating in the inner fantasy world of empty void filled with other insubstantial forms.

With the eyes closed, we take a look at how we experience the body in the below video. I was aware of the time limitations of the Youtube video format, so rushed the meditation. It should take twice as long. However, even in this rushed format you should be able to get a taste of the emptiness of some of your "inner" experiences.

Meditation on the Emptiness of the Body


  1. Stillness...Thank you Edji.



  2. AH !!!

    Much Love Master.

    This guided meditation is the real Satsang.
    This meditation by Master is more of a preparation for things to come ahead so practice this sincerely. You will observe that by this simple instruction given by Master you will connect to the center of your beingness.

    I bow at your Lotus feet

  3. Beautiful videos..Its awesome to see and hear Edji speak in the forum..
    Thank you..
    I bow down..


  4. When i am still and not moving anywhere then i am behind eyes or eyes themselves but the whole body is felt. There is stillness, darkness and extreme peace felt from eyes area to heart area. But i cannot deny body, it is just there, the whole of it from inside I feel at the same time :(

  5. Wonderful, thank you. Reminds me of one of Douglas Harding's experiments. ("Is there a place where you end and the rest of the world begins?") This gives meaning to the saying 'You are not what you look like and what you think to be'. At least a glimpse - I sense that my I-identification is elusive however strong it appears to be. Thanks again!

  6. Namaskar,
    Just got home after a 14.5hour day and open the only blog I follow, what can I say, I have not even listened to the videos but am deeply rested already.
    Many many thanks,

  7. Absolute freedom, no bounderies, no body, just space. Yet still this sense of separation. Please to meet you Edji en thanks for coming close. Dennis

  8. Edji,

    This was mind blowing. I was shocked that it said - 10min video ... it was like in an instant. I opened my eyes and it was 30 mins later. The sense of now and no time is so palpable. Thank you for your generosity.


  9. Thank You Edji
    So grateful for you
    Much Love,

  10. Again, this has been immensely insightful. The last few days, I'd been feeling a bit scattered upon sitting. After replaying this video a few times, all was emptiness.

    Thank you Ed.

  11. What a revelation this body meditation is! The second time I went through it, I had to laugh because it suddenly became obvious that there's only the "sense" of a body having some kind of existence and this arises through an "image" created in the mind. Hence, we really live in a "denial" of the emptiness through identifying ourselves as a "body".