20 October 2010

Conversation with Pradeep Apte

A few hours ago, Nisargadatta Gita author Pradeep Apte called me from San Diego where he is visiting his daughter until Friday. He had been sick since he came to the States two weeks ago. He had been planning to come to LA, but because of his illness he is bypassing LA and going directly to attend a conference of some sort in Northern California. We talked for the first time today. I can only say that neither of us saw even a hair's breadth of difference between how we saw the world and spirituality.

He bemoaned how the neo Advaitins had turned spirituality into a money making business. We agreed upon the need for practice and the essence of practice was emptiness. We agreed that the best quality one can have going into the attempt to realize truth was humility. He also stated that one has not attained anything if one has not developed compassion and love for all others.


  1. Flower blossoms. Rain comes. Edji is more close. Pradeep Apte and Edji talks. We all are blessed.

    I am selfish Edji; bless me to end this samsara. I am Selfish Edji; bless us all to end our samsara. Bowing at your lotus feet always and ever, I am your little cat.

  2. Thank you Edji for the wonderful post and for introducing Lakshmi, it is a blessing that she is doing so well now. I am overwhelmed by the love and stillness you express. I look forward to the Satsangs.



  3. Namaskar Edji,

    Loving your rantings.

    As Anon 1 says above I am selfish Edji; bless me to end this samsara. I am Selfish Edji; bless us all to end our samsara. Bowing at your lotus feet always and ever, I am your little cat.

    May your magic brush bring love and happiness to all here and all everywhere..


  4. Edji,

    As a little girl I loved Tina Turner's song - "Simply the best".

    This video is simply a gem, sparkling and glowing. How can one not see it's preciousness?

    Love you deeply,

  5. Viewing this video for the second time, and expect it will not be the last. This satsang is so rich and deserves full focus. Admit, my attention keeps returning to Lakshmi! Like you, she is basking in the present.It is soothing to behold her sense of well-being.

    The Nisargadatta Gita has been the bulk of my daily reading for the last few weeks. My gratitude to Pradeep Apte, and YOU, for making this treasure available - Thank you. I also appreciate the word up concerning the epilogue. I am guilty of checking and re-checking "missing" pages I believed I'd failed to place in the binder. :-)

    I am so thankful for you (and others who recognize the potential of Self-realization). These videos indeed feel like visits and are much cherished.


  6. Dearest Edji,

    The power of your videos goes well beyond the visual image or spoken word... thank you a thousand times over.

    For all of Edji's followers, you can download mp3 files of all Edji's videos from the main Satsang website at:


    Put the mp3 files on your iPod or mp3 player and fall asleep to them... you may be surprised by the results! :-)

    Love and Blessing to All,


    Satsang Websites for all of Edji's videos:


  7. Dear friends (Edji),
    There is an enormous power in listening to the mp3 files! Especially the 'Meditation on the emptiness of the body'. Mind blowing so to speak. Wonderfull job Jo-Ann. Hope to meet you all next monday with the satsang online practice.

  8. Hey you guys, I am no longer a technical person. All of these suggestions require me to learn new software or protocols on sites, such as playlists, etc. You are the technical people, not me.

    I kind of got my time taken up working on medical reports, taking care of kitties, seeing a few students in private, etc.

    I've tried some of these other sites, but they have not worked well.

  9. Once upon a time, a little black sheep placed her entire miserable, tortuous delusion into the Loving hands of Belov-Edji ... with the only thing that she had left ... Trust in Him.

    Like a wise and tender shepherd whose Love knew no bounds, He guided this little lost lamb to ponder and practice the Saviour words - of Pradeep Apte's compilation of Sri Nisargadatta's quotes - The Nisargadatta Gita.

    Glory Be to The Guiding Light of All three - Edji, Pradeep & Sri Nisargadatta!

    This thirsty little lamb realized that nothing was the matter as she lapped up her fill of warm milk and honey. Suffused with the longed-for taste of it's Mother's Grace, she rests content, laying down on green pastures ... Happily Ever After.

    Listen! The Lord is YOUR Shepherd.

    Give it all to Him. Trust in the Power that knows the way. Ponder the Saviour words. Practice. Be at His Feet ...

    In reverence,