26 October 2010

Jo Ann Chin is a spiritual workaholic who has been doing all the work (lately) setting up online satsang, setting up sites to download videos and MP3 files. There are no openings for Satsang now, but you can get on a list by contacting her at: jnanamarga@eastlink.ca.

The new website for all video and audio files is WeAreSentience.org.

This will be the website of any nonprofit organization we might set up for animal rescue work or having an ashram in the future.


  1. Thank you so much for all of your work and effort Jo-Ann. You have made Satsang a reality! We are all greatly indebted to you and your dedication. Thank you!!

  2. Her work is precious. Sadhaks/sadhiks are knowledge-oriented, or devotion-oriented, or action-oriented.
    Thank you Jo Ann!

  3. Sergio,

    Our friend Jo-Ann is indeed devotion and knowledge oriented. She is so gifted and can make things work very quickly and with excellence. When she speaks there is such clarity, all doubts removed - I am always amazed. In fact I sometimes joke that she is the Spokesperson of Consciousness itself.

    Thank you Jo-Ann, you've become my friend and I am blessed to have you in my life.


  4. Blessings Jo Ann, Great work!



  5. My humble thanks to everyone and my very special thanks to the many others behind the scene that you do not see but who are such a critical part of making the Satsangs a success... Janet and Chris who actually started the whole ball rolling and who are involved day-to-day, James for his help hosting the Satsangs and so much more, Nathan for the backup recordings so we don't lose any Satsang info, and Tina for being a great sounding board and advisor and for keeping me sane!

    .... and to all the others who are starting to come on board... Julius for his transcription services... Matthew Brown for offering his proofreading help, and all the rest of you who will be joining us as the Satsangs continue to unfold.


It takes many devoted helpers to ensure Satsang will be an ongoing success in the years to come and that Edji's We Are Sentience organization can unfold to it's full potential.

    Needless to say we are all greatly indebted to Edji for his grace and guidance and making himself available for Satsang... and so much more! And to Rajiv for so graciously helping us with our Satsang tests and for taking so many of our questions.

    We are all Blessed!

    My love and blessings to all,



    P.S. And how can I forget my husband Alan, who helps in so many ways.

    Email: satsang@eastlink.ca


  6. Thank you! Jo Ann my deepest bow of gratitude


  7. I cant stop praising Jo-Ann for organizing Edjis Satsang in the manner she has. It is truly amazing how she has mobilized the entire team and how well the team has responded and worked together. It is a dream team.
    Every member of the team is wonderful and deserve much praise.

    My Love to all,