15 October 2010

Another awakening Experience:

Hi Ed,
Two nights ago, as soon as I woke up from deep sleep, the sense of I remained the EXACT same. Meaning, when I woke up, I didn’t remember my name or where I was, but the sense of I did not change from sleep to waking up, and there was not even a second that passed where I could feel a transition of the I. Because usually, there is a delay from the time I wake up to the time I start to sink to my usual I. But this time, it was very clear and calm. It is very peaceful. This I, has remained.
During waking state, the I is very clearly ‘felt’. Everything in front of me is happening on their on. I have nothing to do with it.
In today’s meditation, nothing other than joy happened. As soon as I sat, I started sinking. I felt my heart beat faster and faster. Then, all I can feel was joy. The joy was tremendous that I even had tears. There was nothing to see. In the previous times, I was sure to see objects and other things. But this time, there was no effort on my part and nothing to see. It feels like I am or I was ‘in’ my joy. I know it sounds strange. But that this how I can describe it now.
Thank you,
Do you see you are far beyond (or before) anything in the world, your body or mind?  You are untouched, untouchable, the real witness who has no existence herself.


Yes, I definitely see that I am beyond the world, body and mind. Now, I am slowly understanding your words and teachings. And I will try to maintain this and see where it takes me.

More importantly, all this was because of your grace, teachings and love. You have a very strong grace.
Thank you so much for this joy.


Now she needs to maintain it or repeat it if she loses it, until it becomes her identity: the identity of the absolute, or the final and true witness. Even this concept gives way after a while, with no absolute, no witness, no understanding. One has passed through and understood the whole thing completely and dropped it.


  1. Umah said: "all this was because of your grace, teachings and love ..."

    Yes, just reading about Umah's experience, holding a thought about Edji's grace and I am drunk from joy.
    Oh Joy, Oh Joy, Oh Joy ...

    So grateful,

  2. Beautiful!...Stay with Edji's grace Umah...keep going.



  3. Joy joy joy joy!

    May Umah be at peace!

    Joy joy joy joy!