23 October 2010

New video coming tomorrow. It is a 20 minute guided meditation that starts with investigating the emptiness of the body, and progresses into full self-inquiry.


  1. Namaste and thank you Edji!

    Would love to hear this one. Perhaps it could be posted as an mp3 on the satsang site? Have been trying to sit a lot this weekend even took friday off. First day was ok got around 10h. But yesterday it was really hard knees was aching and mind was agitated. But after doing the 10min version last evening and this morning sinking in to the silence afterwards it feels like I'm back on track.

    Very helpful! pranams


  2. Eric, it is always this way. During sesshin which happen once a month at Zendos, the second day is very tough and the third day tougher. But then something usually happens on the third day as meditation strengthens. The pain goes way and a kind a power comes into you making everything easier.

  3. Thank you Edji for your reassurance! Was starting to get worried how I was going to handle the 10h for 10day vipassana that is coming up for me in the end of november. This weekend was supposed to be a test of my stamina. But hopefully the energy of the group will help to keep me on the cushion for those first hard days.

    Pranams Erik

  4. on youtube, i think you can create "playlists", which can automatically play each video on the list one after the other. you might try that to get around the video size issue you experienced.

    i've really enjoyed the last few videos. even tho i've been reading your site for about a year, (and greatly enjoying that as well), and your videos have much the same info as what you've written, somehow the video makes it come alive again. perhaps just due to it being new and different than i'm used to.


  5. Dear Ed,

    You could try using www.vimeo.com for posting the video. You should be able to post longer videos on this website.



  6. Dear All,

    Not to worry... a solution is coming and long videos and mp3 files will be available!



  7. You can make the two videos into a playlist, so that the second one will be played automatically when the first one is done.

  8. there are many free video servers besides youtube that have no time limit. Even Google works well

  9. Well, this is a little out of place. But since you mentioned cats...I came across this video earlier and thought many on the blog would appreciate this short clip about a cat sanctuary. Really really wonderful place.


  10. Wonderful, thank you...!

    Regarding satsang, I have a question for Jo-Ann but I couldn't find any contact-info: If I use a netbook-pc with webcam and a built-in mic, do I still need a headset?

  11. Reply for Pontus...

    Yes, you will need a headset with a built in mic. We get too much audio feedback through computer speakers.

    Logitech makes some very nice digital USB headsets with noise cancelling mics for around $30US.

    Thanks for asking!


    Contact Info:

    Edji Satsang Administration - satsang@eastlink.ca

    Satsang Website: http://www.WeAreSentience.org

  12. AC,

    Thanks for the wonderful video. A true inspiration.