28 October 2010

Dear All,

We have evaluated a number of web conferencing programs, including TokBox and GoToMeeting, and have determined that WexEx is the most suitable for our particular requirements.
GoToMeeting does not have the video capabilities we require for the Satsangs.  That is, Edji would like to be able to see everyone, and to interact with the person asking the question.  WebEx gives us this capability and a number of other attractive features, including excellent customer support.

We have had a number of test Satsangs with Rajiv, and while we have more than 25 people registered, the maximum number of people we have had for a Satsang is 17. As the Satsang is worldwide, it is very difficult for some people to make the Satsang time due to school and work commitments, so the cancellations each week are currently more than enough to accommodate our waiting list.

Satsangs will be Thursdays at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. We expect that some who had registered and attended regularly before, will not be able to attend now, and those who weren't able to attend before, will be able to do so now.

Once we get a few Satsangs with Edji under our belt, we will be evaluating the demand and how to best accommodate everyone who would like a Satsang.  

We do have a few contingency plans we are working on, including another Satsang with Rajiv at an alternate time, or purchasing more spots in WebEx, so we ask that everyone please bear with us as we move forward and see how things unfold.

We also have video and/or audio files of the past Satsangs on the Satsang website for everyone, and are now beginning to add transcripts as well:  http://www.WeAreSentience.org

The transcripts are being made possible by the outstanding response we have had from people volunteering for this task and we'd like everyone to know that the final transcript will actually be more than just the verbatim text of the talks.  

Edji is doing the final edit of each transcript and expanding/clarifying the talk, as he feels appropriate.  This makes the transcripts a wonderful companion to the video/audio files and a standalone teaching in themselves.

We hope this addresses any concerns anyone may have, but please feel free to email us if you have any questions.  I sometimes don't get an opportunity to check the Blog so email is better if you have any concerns or questions.  You can reach myself, as well as other team members, at:  Edji Satsang Administration <satsang@eastlink.ca>.  The emails come into me and I forward them as necessary.

How very blessed we all are to have this opportunity with Edji and to have Rajiv available to us help us as well!

Please  'stay tuned', we will do the very best we can to get Edji's teaching to all who wish to hear it.

With Love and Blessings,



  1. Jo-Ann, thank you for all your efforts and keeping us posted of new developments. . . each one is a gift!


  2. Ah I see you want to be able to see everyone. Well that's a problem.
    Now I see your challenge.
    Personally I have tried it both ways and frankly I prefer just to have voice. It's less distracting but that's me
    And yes bless you for your efforts of giving.

  3. Strange. It is distracting to have a satsang when you can actually see people as opposed to just hearing them?

    How do you manage in a group of five live people then? Tell three to turn around and not look at you?

  4. exactly think they have no real experience with this. I am not trying to sound like a know it all but they will soon find out that just audio works so much better.

  5. >>> Strange. It is distracting to have a satsang when you can actually see people as opposed to just hearing them? <<<

    Are you trying to suggest that audio is better than visual?

    I do not think so. In a Satsang many times we have Q and A series and at that time it is very important to actually see the questioner. The facial expression, the intensity, the devotion, the thirst etc etc are all important cues and are reflected in a visual and not in an audio.
    Many times the questioner is more important than the question itself.
    There is no such thing as a right answer. The questioner gets an answer he is ready for. It is a pointer that particular sadhaka most needs it.
    The answers are not given by the Guru but they are given by the questioner itself. The Guru simply reflects it and visual/facial cues comes very much handy in that.


  6. I have to laugh. Every other day someone says I should do things differently: not wear tie dye shirts because they are distracting; not allow distant voices or dogs barking in the background, because that is distracting; not to have a video satsang, but have only audio because the video is distracting.

    If some of you find these tiny-weeny things distracting, how do you ever expect to meditate deeply? Why are others not distracted?

    The distractions are in your mind and need to be ignored, just as you have to ignore thoughts, body aches when meditating, and even consciousness itself.

  7. Hi Edji,

    My comment about the audio being better than Video has to do more with how the satsang works when you are doing a web base satsang.
    the video just makes the time much shorter but with just audio everything runs much smoother.
    At least this is what I meant by being distracting.
    You will need to wait and see.
    Who knows you may be the very first one to make it all gel well
    As far as meditating I have no need for it anymore.


  8. Yeah, next thing y'know somebody's gonna want your cats to meow(which makes you the "cat's meow" :-)


  9. Dear Jo-Ann and team, excellent work.. I'am waiting to join the satsang soon once my course work for gets over..
    Thanks a lot..