19 October 2010

It is fairly obvious that Peter never intended any polite conversation. All of his comments from the beginning were derogatory and angry. However, we are going to start Satsang soon online, and this gave me the idea I should practice a response with only a camera to talk to. This is a very different experience from writing answers. I do notice there is a lot of latency in this video with the sound lagging the video by a fifth of a second. Anyway, the first, very boring talk by Edji:

Philosophy versus Realization

I just saw this you tube video of Rajneesh where he talks about philosophy and knowledge very similarly to what I said above. He says he is not a philosopher and he is not about philosophy, words or knowledge, but about direct seeing. However, he still takes the world of consciousness, which he calls reality, as "real." Is is a rather superficial interpretation, but one Robert was also frequently guilty of because he was not talking to advanced students.


  1. You bring about an inner silence that is unquestionable!

    If this is a very boring talk, I can't imagine a good one!

    I am eternally grateful to your service for us all.

  2. Dear Edji,

    I must second Ryan's comments... a wonderful talk... and for those who wish to download the audio file of this talk for their iPod or mp3 player, it has been added to the Satsang website - the October 2010 page - at:


    With love and gratitude for all you do,


  3. Love and silence is all I can say. Consciousness is pointing us directly to truth through Edji, Robert behind him and of course the innocence of a cat. Thank you Edji.



  4. Venerable Edji........


    Unless you mean "boring" through our concepts!

    Actually, the video is quite good because it "personalizes" quite nicely what you write about in the blog.


  5. Ed, Robert . . . AND a kitty!
    An En-JOYable (far from boring) illusion. With sincere appreciation where you are pointing. Thank you.


    ps: Jo-Ann, thanks for the information concerning the download for mp3.